Best Electronic Dart Board of 2023

Electronic dartboards are generally made of plastic or nylon instead of cork. these boards make use of unique soft-tip darts that register your rating when they hit the board.

A lot of electronic dartboards have a broad range of video games developed into their systems, and score your video game with fancy LED display screens and sound results.

These electronic boards are good for novices who are finding out how to play darts and they can be excellent teaching devices.

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How to Find the Best Electronic Darts Board

An electronic dartboard is a great way to introduce darts to a wider range of players.
Apart from being great for serious darts players, the best electronic dartboards should be safe for children and family environments.

For example, the top rated electronic dartboard must have built-in features such as multiplayer game options, game variations, score and averages data, and interactive features. All these components will appeal to both beginners and advanced players.

You can now find these boards in a variety of settings, including bars, professional-level league and tournament games, dorm rooms, or basement.

So what are the best electronic dartboard at the market today?

Best Electronic Dart Board Reviews

1.Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard – Editor's Choice

This year's best-selling Arachnid Cricket Pro 800. Its design and endless features will impress you. The darts and board are well-made. It'll be worth it.

A big X/O cricket-style scoreboard shows the scores of the current 4 players. The 8-player board features 40 games with 179 variations. All controls have physical buttons, making the board straightforward to use. You can track your progress and use the most precise scoring system.

Standard dartboard size is 15.5". This computerized dartboard has a spider web design. Shots bounce less, so your game lasts longer. The board has holes in the shape of dart tips to help darts stick. The strong nylon segments have Arachnid's unique sensors below them to count your shots and keep score.

The heckler feature lets the board criticize a player's shot and applaud a difficult one. If you require silence when shooting, you can disable this feature.

The dartboard includes 6 high-quality Arachnid darts. As dart tips wear out, you get a lot of replacements. This feature-packed board is expensive. The lifetime warranty and hours of family/friend entertainment make it worth it!


  • Accurate sensors
  • 39 games
  • 8 Players
  • Large display
  • Durable nylon segments
  • Replacement Tips


  • Price

2.DARTSLIVE-200S Soft Darts Board – Best With Mobile Device


The DARTSLIVE-200S Soft Darts Board is our editor's pick for the best electronic dart board. It's popular since it's compatible with Dartslive, a great app. The tournament size is 18 inches, but the board is 15.5 inches, which is usual for electronic boards.

The app excites most individuals. It lets you track your progress, train, and share with other users at home. Training modes teach you to hit triple 20 or bullseye frequently.

The accessories and two sets of darts with 10 extra tips are outstanding. This is silent and sticks darts effectively, according to several users. This variant has little bounce-outs, which can frustrate electronic dart board players.


  • Great training mode.
  • iOS and Android app.
  • Low board noise.
  • Rare bounceouts.
  • Includes 10 tips and darts.


  • Asian-language installation instructions can be confusing.
  • Pre-worn darts can lodge.

3.Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard – Best Value


The game of electronic darts is fun. It's great for playing alone or with others. Based on skill, this has 5 difficulty levels. Playing with 4 or 8 is also fine.

The electronic game calculates individual and team points automatically. LCDs show the score. This display shows the remaining casts. Buttons control parameters and programs. One is start/stop. It's in front for convenience.

A handicap function adjusts difficulty according to player skill. This electronic dart game has 28 thrilling rounds and 183 score variations. Instructions describe each game. This cabinet game has two doors. Close them while not using the dart. It's attractive and dust-proof.

Darts are stored behind doors. The game includes 6 darts and 6 extra tips.


  • Ideal for home use
  • Closed cabinet design
  • For solo and group games
  • LCD screen
  • One year warranty


  • No tip storage
  • Darts don't really stick to board

4.Biange Electronic Dart Board – Best Electronic Dart Board for Home Use


This is a great home dartboard if you want something durable. It has all the features you need and will provide hours of fun or serious practice.

With 27 games and 243 variations, the board offers several ways to play. It has clear instructions, so you'll learn quickly.

The board includes 6 high-quality darts. Long-lasting. Darts, especially flights, might be difficult to build at first. They're great once constructed.

The board is stable enough to withstand repeated use. The audio instructions and other features make the board fun to play.


  • Visuals
  • Quality darts
  • Instructions
  • Strong.


  • Hard-to-assemble darts

5.Gran Board Dash – Best Electronic Dart Board for Solo Play


the well-known Gran Board dashThis board has evolved and now has an impact mat. This board is quieter than previous versions.

The app and Bluetooth connectivity allow use with smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs! The free iOS/Android app adds new games periodically. The app tracks your games, performance, and monthly wins.

This board is perfect for single players because it has nine game options you may play against the computer, so you can still have fun!

This is one of the best cheap electronic dart boards now that the noise issues have been resolved.It uses battery or AC power and has a 15.5-inch face diameter like its competitors. Six darts and tips are included.


  • Playing versus the computer is fun with nine game options.
  • Durable.
  • Softer pad reduces dart noise.
  • Multi-device compatible.


  • Users have noticed darts sticking and scoring troubles.
  • The app has several Asian-language instructions.

6.Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard


One of the largest electronic dart firms is Arachnid. For over 40 years, this successful company has created several units and been the most popular choice. They are known for creating high-quality dart boards. This brand makes great dart boards.

The manufacturer's mid-range 650 is great. Its complex design fits a pub. The design is unmistakable. Tall and compact, it fits most places.

Games and tournaments should use a 15.5" playing surface. This can be a practice board for serious players.

Nice dart board design. Its zone dividers prevent rebound, a common issue with electronic boards. Score is displayed using LEDs. We loved the storage place for supplies and playing accessories.

Voice prompts and other features complement the design. This little functionality is useful. This board supports up to 8 players, so you may have fun with pals. If it doesn't appeal, you can practice solo.

Finally, handicap mode is a great dartboard.


  • Elegant cabinetry
  • Voice prompts
  • Excellent for hosting.
  • Regulation-standard board


  • Fewer game modes
  • Predicament

7.Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Cabinet Set – Best Electronic Dart Board Cabinet


Anyone wanting a classic cabinet for their electronic dartboard should consider this. Electronic boards don't need cabinets like bristle boards do to protect walls and provide scoring space, but they look great in a game room or home bar.

This takes up more space, but the playing area is still 15.5 inches, like most of our boards.

The game mode-specific lighted scoring windows display scores clearly. You can play whatever darts game you like because there are 38 game variants and over 100 variations within each type!

This board has some really cool sound effects, like a heckler mode that will make you mad and make the game more fun.

Despite its many features, the darts might become caught and are cheaply manufactured. You may need to find appropriate darts.


  • A cabinet protects walls and stores darts.
  • Sounds and heckling.100+ game modes.


  • Poor darts.
  • Sound effects have troubled certain users.

8.Viper 850 Electronic Dartboard – Best Durable Electronic Dart Board


If you want to play with friends or alone and don't need an online function, the Viper 850 is a great dart board.

The playing space and durability are why we placed it in our list of top soft tip electronic dart boards.

The scoreboard display has been carefully adjusted to make it easier to view than conventional boards, which require squinting or bending forward. Despite the fact that there are over 50 game variations, the controls are simple.

Tough segments and "locking holes" reduce the risk of soft-tipped darts bouncing out. Thin spiders assist.

Like most of these goods, it has six darts and a measuring tape so you can mark the throwline for your players.


  • Robust.
  • Locking holes reduce bounce-outs.
  • Over 50 game modes and a scoreboard to track them.


  • No online play whatsoever.
  • Silent.

9.WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with Cabinet – Best Electronic Dart Board with Spare Darts


This model isn't perfect, but it has a lot of darts and is integrated in a cabinet, which can be beneficial if you're playing with a large group. Four persons can own darts. 40 tips for fraying tips are included.

The top controls and LED scoring system are simple and track four players' scores. Great for group play.

It comes with mounting gear and is easy to install despite its huge cabinet shape.

It has a lot of bounce-outs, which is why it's not higher on our list of best dart boards. The playing surface and darts don't always stick, which can be frustrating. This would compete if repaired. However, certain darts work better, and the 27 game modes and other features are great.


  • Twenty-seven game modes.
  • 12 darts for group play.
  • Clear LED scoring.
  • High-quality, easy-to-install cabinet.


  • Some reviewers reported broken darts.
  • Online modeless.

10.Arachnid Inter-Active 3000 Electronic Dartboard – Best Small Electronic Dart Board


This dartboard is featured because it is affordable and compact. It can be lowered for kids and teens. Its 13-inch target area is smaller than 15.5 inches.

The micro-thin spider cuts down on bounce-outs and sticks darts.Additionally, you can amend bounce-outs if they were unfair!

27 games with 123 variations and five cricket games are popular for larger groups. This board can accommodate up to 8 players. It has a solo mode.

The heckler feature is fun, but you have to manually turn it off when you start the game.

It includes 6 Soft Tip Darts and game instructions for all settings to help you learn them.


  • Many game modes.
  • Compact board for smaller players.
  • Few bounces.


  • Some sound features are irritating and difficult to disable.

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Dart Board Buyer's Guide

Darts started as a weapon of war made use of by the Macedonians which has actually considering that developed into a popular contest of ability enjoyed in bars and leisure centers worldwide. Purchasing a electronic dartboard is really very basic as long as you comprehend how timeless and electronic types work and exactly what each can provide you in terms of game-play.

Bristle Dartboards

Dart gamers who are a bit more severe about their video gaming may desire to go with a bristle board that makes use of genuine darts and imitates competition play. Bristle dartboards are made of small sisal fibers which are self-healing after the dart permeates their surface area.


Bristle boards typically consist of a set of stock darts which aren't constantly the very best quality. As your playing abilities develop you might discover yourself acquiring a different set. For bristle boards, you desire steel-tip darts as they're developed to permeate the sisal fibers and remain embedded in the playing surface area.

Thoroughly think about the type of barrel you desire to utilize. Brass or tungsten are the most typical options with everyone providing playing benefits in total density and precision.

You'll likewise discover a wide range of weights and grip designs offered making the option much more certain to your ability level and individual choices. Be encouraged, errant darts will certainly harm doors and walls so pick a safe location where the board will certainly be installed.

Wire Spider

This is a wire overlay which sectors the dartboard for scoring functions. If a dart strikes the wire, the tilted edge will certainly assist it into the board whereas round wire is considerably less trustworthy.

Blade Strip Dividers

These are embedded within the fibers of the board to assist decrease bounce-outs. Stapled-on dividers are the low-cost method to go while costlier designs showcasing staple-free building or perhaps blade strips inside the playing surface area.

Electronic Dartboards

Electronic dart boards are developed with the exact same divided sector company of a bristle board and readily available in a range of sizes, consisting of the policy 15.5-inch diameter board. These high tech choices showcase a playing surface area perforated with numerous small holes so when you a dart is tossed, the pointer sticks in the playing surface area. In addition to immediately keeping rating, these designs have a great deal of pre-programmed video games.


Up until just recently, soft-tip darts were the only option on an electronic board however that's altered. You can now discover electronic variations which accommodate steel-tip darts to provide gamers with a more precise feel for the video game. The soft pointers on plastic darts will not damage the environments, unlike steel-tipped alternatives.

Pre-Programmed Games

Some electronic dart boards are pre-programmed with over 100 various video games such as the ever-popular cricket. Some video games can accommodate several gamers simultaneously while others permit you to take the device on in head-to-head competitors.

Electronic Displays

These high tech boards include electronic scoreboards with LED lights and a library of noises making gameplay much more amazing and interesting. Be cautioned, the more bells and whistles an electronic dart board has, the more costly it will certainly wind up being.


You'll discover bristle and electronic boards that include their own trendy pc gaming cabinet. When they're not in use, these cabinets supply an advanced visual aesthetic to your house or workplace while safeguarding the board and darts.

Rates differ significantly and are typically impacted by the products utilized in the manufacture of the cabinet. Cabinets made of metal or particle board are going to be far less costly than those made of great woods such as oak, elm, teak, and mahogany.

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