Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard

The Franklin sports FS6000 electronic dart board features up to 176 variations to the game of darts. This board comes ready to play and includes 6 soft tip darts and 6 replacement tips. The darts fit easily into the built in holder and the easy hanging system mounts in seconds. It has an official cricket electronic scoreboard and the game list is displayed on the front panel. Power adaptor included. Darts is an Adult sport, it is dangerous for children to play without supervision.

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Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard

Family Fun

This is fun for our family. The price was very good and there are a ton of different games to play and it has sounds and electronic scoring. We are hardly dart enthusiasts, but for family fun, I would recommend.

The other score in red is easy to see

The description for this product is incorrect. It DOES NOT work off of batteries, only the power supply, so be sure that where you plan to hang it has an outlet close by. Yes - you will have the ugly cord dangling. The other problem is you can't read the score that is in green. The other score in red is easy to see, but not the score listed in green. So the design is not the greatest.

Good electronic soft-tip dartboard

Good electronic soft-tip dartboard. I had one just like it that also had the heckler function. I had moved the mount on that old board and it fell off the wall and broke, so this was the replacement. I hated the heckler function and the fact that it was on by default and had to be disabled each time I turned the board on. This one is so much better since it doesn't have the heckler.

nice dartboard , works great, very east to hang ,comes with instructions for height and length for exact measurements . the only con is the green on the bottom for player 2 is too bright hard to read head on, but if you lean over before throwing you can see the score and the x's for cricket . It does say this is a professional board but i do not think so the doubles and triples are 1/2 inch wide where as a pro borad should only be 1/4 inch wide.still having fun with it , play almost every other day , no glitches and the sound is clear .I would highly recommend for the price if you dont want to spend over 100 bucks . 2 thumbs up . hope this helps .