The Best Dart Drinking Game

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If you want to spice up your dart game, consider mixing it with alcohol. It's a classic combination that works well with a group of friends.

Beer darts are great, but you'll need a lot of beer to get everyone woozy. This is fixed in the second game we found. The Shot Dart.

There are two main ways to play this game.

The first way is to set multiple shot glasses beneath the dartboard and assign each one a number on the board. Whenever that number is hit, the person drinks the appropriate shot.

Second technique, we'll go step by step.

To play this game, you'll need:

  • Dartboard
  • 6 darts
  • Shot Glasses
  • Vodka or another alcoholic drink

How many people can play this game?

A minimum of four players is required to play shot darts.

How to play?

First, organize two teams of at least two players each. Then each team throws a dart towards the bullseye. The team closest to the bullseye receives the first shot, while the opposite team gets the second.

The first team now throws three darts, hoping to hit the numbers 15-20 or a bullseye. If they don't, they shoot. If they hit the target number, the other team drinks shots and the numbers close out.

A closed number is no longer in play. So if it's hit after it's closed, his team drinks the shots.

The game continues with the next team throwing three darts using the same rules.

When does the game end?

When all of the numbers from 15-20, as well as the bullseye, are closed out, the game is over.

How drunk am I going to be?

Nobody normally closes all the numbers so quickly. Also, no tequila for this game.

Finally, you can create your own variations of the games listed above, or create a new game entirely. The only rule is that it must be enjoyable for all.

Drinking Dartboard

Despite the fact that the games we mentioned above are entertaining, you don't need to bother.

Drinking dart games have gotten so popular that you can now buy a specific drinking dart board with all the necessary props and targets.

The Crystal Clear Shot Glass Darts are the most popular, with a magnetic dart board, metal stand, four magnetic darts, and four shot glasses.

If you're worried about injuries from sharp darts while playing beer darts or shooting darts, you should acquire one of these. No one can get wounded with magnetic dart boards.