How to Troubleshoot Your Electronic Dartboards

Playing dartboard in your garage is a great way of having fun with your friend. With simple care, you can ensure your electronic dartboard working properly. Here you’ll learn how to troubleshoot your electronic dartboard by yourself in case you are having some trouble.
How to Troubleshoot Electronic Dartboards

How to Troubleshoot Electronic Dartboards

  1. Examine the darts. Take a look at the sharpness of dart's tip as well as the high quality in the flight around the finish. Mainly dart tips will dull more than time. When the dart tip dulled you may have to sharpen them with sharpener kit, learn it here how you can sharpen your dart tips. Likewise, you are going to at some point must replace the flights around the finish of the darts. Get new ones at a house recreation shop, remove the old ones and slide the new ones on.
  2. Make sure that you hang your electronic dartboard to be level on the wall. You can use a level tool to help you adjust levelness of the dartboard. The case ought to be level for greatest outcomes for gameplay also as for dart-accessory storage.
  3. Confirm that the dartboard is hanging flush against the wall. The dartboard ought to be touching the wall. A gap raises the possibility for the board to fall or shift when struck using a dart. If there's a gap, remove the dartboard in the wall, drill the screw or pound the nail (whichever is applicable) farther into the wall and rehang the dartboard.
  4. Reset your electronic dartboard (if possible). Electronic dartboards usually possess a tiny reset button positioned around the back or front in the case. Use a pencil or pen tip to press and hold the reset button, returning the device to its original settings. This may clear any memory errors that have been causing the dartboard to improperly function.