Bullshooter by Arachnid Illuminator 3.0 Light Up Dartboard Cabinet Set

Bullshooter by Arachnid Illuminator 3.0 Light Up Dartboard Cabinet Set
Illuminator 3.0 cabinet set comes with popular light number ring. Detachable doors allow for Try Me function at store level. See also Arachnid Dart Boards


I spent over a week researching my options when I decided to get a dartboard. I had two requirements: it needed to light-up & it needed to be less than $50.00. I was a little hesitant about pursuing this board because the reviews weren't great but decided to take my chances since it was under my price point & I liked the blue LED. I've had the dartboard for almost a week & I have been very happy with my purchase! Here's my overall assessment:


Ready to use right out of the box, cool blue LED lights, funny heckler feedback ("BAMMMMM!", "The doctorrrrr is in the house!", "Don't quit your day job!"), lightweight yet sturdy, large "next player" button, easy-to-assemble doors to protect the board & darts from curious cats when not in use!


The heckler's comments don't always seem to match the player's performance, the board sometimes logs a single rather than a double bulls-eye & the black numbers are a little hard to read on the clear/white background.

My favorite feature of this board is that the whole board lights up & flashes when a player wins! I don't care how old you are, it makes your victory over your substandard opponents extra awesome! The board also comes with two sets of darts. They aren't fancy, but they do the job & come with extra tips.

I would have given this board five stars, but it doesn't make pizza or take out the trash. Would I buy this board again?? HECK YES!!!