Franklin Sports FS1500 Electronic Dartboard

Franklin Sports FS1500 Electronic Dartboard
The Franklin Sports FS1500 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard comes with all you need for active dartboard play. Voice and sound effects and up to 65 game variations allows for plenty of options while the large readouts enable easy navigation. Includes (6) soft tip darts and (6) replacement tips. Batteries not included. Warning: Darts is an adult sport, it is dangerous for children to play without supervision.

Easy set up

Easy set up and good buy for an electronic dart board. The voice is hilarious too! If you are taking too long the woman will say, "any day now". Very fun with so many different games. Great way to help decide whose turn it is to wash the dishes as a simple game can be settled in 5 minutes.

Good for the average

I like this item it is made the way I expected. The board it self is good when it comes to the games. The large amount of games it has was great. This dart board was also very easy to use. I thought with the amount of buttons and games it would get very hard to navigate but I was very happy that it was not. The darts themselves were made a bit cheap, but we just went to our local Wal-mart and picked up a pack of Darts for a decent price. The first time the darts were used most of them broke but for the price I couldn't really be too upset.