DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set

Good board and cabinet for the money

DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set
Bought this back in February and it is holding up nicely. The "self healing" sisal doesn't work fast, but when looking at the board, it doesn't seem to have as many holes in it as it should, so I'm assuming the sisal is doing its job. While it's affordably priced, the materials aren't cheap cheap. Don't get me wrong, I can tell I didn't spend a fortune, but it doesn't feel cheap. Ikea quality, maybe? Darts are a nice weight, and I've loved having the scoreboards right in the cabinet. Storage in the cabinet is nice too. See also best electronic dart board

Assembly issues, but a great beginner outfit

My boys had asked for a regulation dartboard ("in a cabinet, with, like, chalkboards and everything, Mom") for Christmas, so I did some researching and I REALLY appreciate all of the consumer comments here on Amazon, I really do. You guys are great. This turned out to be such a hit, that my boys actually cleaned out, unpacked, and fixed up an ENTIRE ROOM just so they'd have somewhere to hang their dart board. Comments:

  • As some consumers have noted, the cabinet is not super high-quality; it does have a paper oak veneer. However, knowing this in advance was fine.
  • The dart board IS high quality. I think you can (and should) get the board by itself if you have issues with the cabinet.
  • The cabinet is particle-board, so it can get dented AND it can get chipped rather easily if clipped by a wild dart (which happened a lot, especially if it had been me flinging the darts)
  • -My son (who assembled it, I didn't) said it required 4 screws (2 pairs of different kinds) and that it had four of one screw and not two of each
  • He had trouble getting it assembled, and says that the dart board "hangs" loosely in its cabinet rather than being fixed in place. I'm not sure if that's the way it's supposed to be or not.
  • The darts that come with this set are fine for beginners. I was surprised to find out my sons were NOT beginners (they never tell me anything). A dart in MY hand turns me into a general Menace To Society and I'd just fling the dart at the board, pointy-side first, and they'd stick (or not). However, the boys did point out that these darts had more "bounce outs" than better darts. Thanks to you fabulous reviewers, I anticipated this and therefore also got my boys extra darts (based on reviews, these: Harrows 59204 Voodoo Brass Steel Tip Dart, 25-gram), which they said were a lot better
  • I guess a chalkboard and chalk is an exotic thing to today's 20-somethings (not to me, a 50-something professor), but the chalkboard score panels with chalk and eraser just added to the whole experience... just wouldn't have been the same had it been a whiteboard. It might be really stupid, but the "chalkboard" part was one of the reasons I got this dartboard set.

So, after the (chalk and particleboard) dust had settled, this was a very satisfying purchase. My boys had a great time, a great many people came over, it was used constantly, AND I got an entire room out of the deal, which is pretty freakin' sweet. Now that I know the boys are serious about this (who knew), I'll probably invest in a real wood cabinet down the line. As long as it has chalkboards in it!

As part of this "intro kit," I also got them a dart sharpener and the Darts Bible book (as well as the better darts). All were well worth the purchase. If you're doing a game-room-startup thing with neo darts players, you can't go wrong with this, 4 stars notwithstanding!