Best Dry Erase Dart Scoreboards

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If you're going to be playing darts at home then you need a way to keep score. A dry erase scoreboard is one of the best options on the market. It gives you the ability to track your own performance over time. These can vary a lot in terms of what they do and how much they add to the experience.

Top Dry Erase Dart Scoreboards

1. Trademark Gameroom Dry Erase Dartboard Cricket Scoreboard

The Trademark Gameroom is a dry-erase board with cricket and darts divisions. Of course, this limits the game styles you may play with the board, but it streamlines and simplifies the scoring procedure. Overall, the scoreboard is well-designed and appears like it belongs in a tavern.

2. Magnetic White Board 24 x 18 Dry Erase Board

White board is a general purpose dry erase white board. It can be used as a scoreboard or to communicate with a flatmate. It loses size, appearance, and speed as a scoreboard. But it is a more adaptable alternative for playing a wide range of games.

3. Piero Lorenzo Magnetic Dry Erase Scoreboard

Finally, this simple dart scoreboard is similar to the previous alternative but without the wooden frame. Instead, a thin black frame outlines the rectangular board. The magnetic backing keeps it level against any metal surface, making setup and use simple. But it lacks frills and so is not an aesthetic choice!

What is a Dry Erase Dart Scoreboard

Darts scoreboards fall into three primary groups. These are chalkboards, dry erase dart scoreboards, and digital scoreboards.

As the name implies, a digital scoreboard has a digital display and input. It's usually a little device that hangs near your dartboard and has a keypad for entering scores. It will then track your game and show you who is winning. One of the biggest benefits of these scoreboards is that they can be programmed to play a variety of various rules and variations.

However, a programmable dart scoreboard has more potential for failure, is more susceptible to damage from errant darts, and can be difficult to read if it has a small LED readout.

Some electronic scoreboards keep score automatically while you play. To make this work, you will need an electronic dartboard or ‘e-bristle board'. (see also Best dart scoring apps)

Most of us are familiar with chalk dart scoreboards from pubs and arcades. These are the most authentic scoreboards, with chalkboards like you might have used in school. These scoreboards are prone to smearing and marking. That instance, when you clean one of these boards, they can leave white marks behind, which can damage legibility over time.

This is why dry erase dart scoreboards are so popular. Using scoreboards with markers that can be wiped clean without a damp towel. Some marker-based scoreboards require water to clean, which is inconvenient for markers. Keeping score and cleaning your board will be lot easier if you can wipe it down.

Choosing the Best Dry Erase Dart Scoreboard

The three best dry erase dart scoreboards available. They're cheap, versatile, and effective. The only thing left is to buy one!