How To Sharpen Darts

All darts require equal care, so it's necessary to sharpen your darts. You may use a dart sharpener or grinding paper to shape the tip of your darts to a rounded edge. Try to find the sweet spot not too blunt and not too sharp. Getting too pointed or too blunt darts can cause the darts to bounce out of the frame. Sharpening your darts goes beyond simply keeping your darts in decent form. It also affects the state of your dartboard and how well you can play the game. It could make you a better dart player. It has been proven that having good darts makes people better at dart tournaments.

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Do You Have to Sharpen Your Darts?

You've got to sharpen the darts if their tips are flat or too pointed. Flat dart tips can't stick to the dartboard and slip out, while sharp dart tips can hurt the wiring and the fibers of the dartboards. Certain darts, steel, could be more vulnerable to falling out. Soft-tip darts do not need to be sharpened as they do not wear out in the same way that steel tip darts do. Burrs on the tip of the point can be eliminated to make darts more successful when reaching the target. The more expensive darts, the more often you're going to need to sharpen them.

How to Sharpen Your Darts Properly?

There are three key steps you need to take as you sharpen your darts.

  • Grind the tip of the darts to make it perfectly smooth.
  • Grind a strongly conical shape around the tip of the arrow.
  • Roughen up the end of the hand 1/2′′ to 3/4′′.

A dart is never meant to be needle-sharp. A well-sharpened dart must have a slightly rounded tip. The slightly conical shape that you have to make in step two is crucial to make sure that the tip of the dart fits nicely into the circular tip produced in step one. These grooves must be very small and tiny since they are meant to give the dart some additional stickiness when it comes into contact with the dartboard. The explanation of why the grooves should be very shallow so because they should not harm the fibers of the darts.

How to Sharpen Darts With a Dart Sharpener

Darts players use a dart sharpener to sharpen their darts effectively. A dart sharpener is a cool little dart accessory that's pretty inexpensive. This is a perfect inexpensive way to get the best sharpening performance for your darts. It can be used everywhere, and it can also be taken to the bar to sharpen the dart at the pub. It has a bowl-shaped form, which is ideal for achieving a rounded tip effectively.

How to Sharpen Darts With Sandpaper?

Get any fine or medium quality metal sandpaper. Place the dart on a flat board. Rotate the dart somewhat both clockwise and clockwise before the right diameter is hit. Slightly twist is when you take out the dart to make perfect spiral-shaped scuffs on the side of the point.

How to Sharpen a Dart With a Flat Stone?

Sharper the conical shape of the head of the arrow. Grind the correct radius on the tip by keeping the dart perpendicular to the wall. Roughen up the 3/4′′ edge of the sides.

Sharpening Different Types of Darts

Dart tips may be composed of various types of materials – hard or soft metals. This means that some darts are more prone to blunting than others. Eventually, these tips will blunt and you will need to sharpen them. Harder materials can sharpen more easily than softer materials. Some pros consider removing rusty tips with harder materials such as brass because they are more vulnerable to burrs.

How Blunt Darts Can Damage your Dartboard

Blunt darts are one of the main sources of excessive dartboard use. Dartboards are composed of a bunch of fibers called 'sisal fibers' These fibers are stacked together lengthwise to form the dartboard itself. It looks more like a hammer than a nail on a microscopic basis. If it happens to enough fiber, the board will not be able to carry the darts as tightly as it can, and will lose them even faster than it used to.

How Too-Sharp Darts Can Affect your Game

Darts that are too sharp create a dent in the metal wire around the dartboard. This ensures that any dart you throw will bounce off and not score any points for you. You're less likely to damage the braces with correctly sharpened darts. And if you catch them with a glancing blow, they're more likely to get in. This is because the rounded point of the dart is going to move the dart to the board.

How Often Should I Sharpen my Darts?

Darts players may not consider it necessary to sharpen their darts even after 2 or 3 years of use. You should sharpen the darts until the top is rough or the sides of the tip have lost their tiny grooves. If you have purchased new darts (especially steel tips or other hard metals) you should sharpen them before using them. New darts are going to be very smooth or have some kind of shine on them, which will reduce the grip of the darts. The rougher coating left behind after sharpening improves the grip of the dart.


How to keep my darts from being blunt?

The only thing you can do is store your darts properly. Find some kind of storage case and leave it there while you're not using it.

Is there any other stuff to watch that could impact the tip of my dart?

Check the darts for burrs. Burrs are slight twists in the tips of the darts that are mostly due to impacts. They can be microscopic or hard to see, but they can harm your game.

What do I do if the tip of my dart is broken and has to be replaced?

Often tips for darts need to be updated. You can get a pointer tool for this, or if your darts aren't that pricey to start by only buying fresh darts.

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