How To Play Baseball Darts

Baseball Darts is arguably one of the most accessible games for beginners in the darts game world. The rules of the game are similar to Baseball and it takes only a few minutes to fully grasp. However, don't let the ease of learning fool you, as Baseball Darts is a highly sensitive game that requires some serious skills to win.

Let us look at the rules quickly and get a simple overview of the Baseball Darts game so you can begin to play!

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How to Play Baseball Darts

The main aim of this game, like baseball, is to produce as many runs as possible.

There are just a few important things you have to recall while playing Baseball Darts, to chart your scores, or 'runs' and chart what it's like.

The game is played on the board of 1 to 9 digits. Defines the goal score number based on the 'inning' number of the game. For example, only hits on number 3 count as a run if the game is on the 3rd inning. Anything that is a failure.

During the game, each player will take turns throwing three darts in succession at the number of innings to be played. The outer circle is 3 runs worth, the inner circle is 2 runs and the remainder is worth one run. The score is the total of all the valid hits.

An inning ends finishes when any player has had the opportunity to throw the target number three darts. The player with the most runs wins after 9 innings have been completed.

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Common Terms       


An Inning refers to what round of turns the game is going on. The first inning is the first turn each player receives, the second inning in the second round of turns, etc.


The circles on the dartboard are used to determine the ranking. The outer ring is called the 'double,' the black and white spaces are known as the 'one,' the middle ring is the 'triple.' These terms denote the importance of the points as they are stuck to their corresponding number in these areas.


Run is the term used for points. A player can only score by meeting the goal number for that inning. Reaching the single space on the goal number is worth 1 run, the double is worth 2, and the triple is worth 3.

Now that we have the basic vocabulary set, let's talk about how to play baseball darts.

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Baseball Darts Scoring

You should set up a scoreboard before you start playing. Ideally, the scoreboard would be set horizontally, with the team names on the left and the inning columns rising to the top, just like a baseball scoreboard.

The game starts in the 1st inning, in which each team tries to score a number 1. Just hitting the number 1 would result in a ranking. Each player has three chances to score as many runs as possible with their three darts in that inning. Reaching the single space on the board in the target number is 1 run, the double is 2 and the triple is 3.

Note, you can only score runs by reaching the target number for that inning.

When all the players have made their shots, the inning is over, and the score of the runs is counted for that inning. The game will begin until 9 innings are played. The player with the largest number of runs at the end of the 9 innings is declared the winner.

Additional Rules

Baseball Darts fouls are similar to any standard dart game. If the player goes over the line, they will miss their turn and any runs scored on that turn will not be counted. If the player enters every other column than the target number for that inning, it will be counted as a miss.

Another way to play, which is very normal, is called the '7th inning stretch.' This is an extra rule that can be applied to make the game more exciting to experienced players. Essentially, this means that if a player does not score a run in the 7th inning, the score will be reduced.

Baseball Darts Strategies

In addition to the basic knowledge, there's not much about the technique for the game Baseball Darts. In general, the triple space of the target number should always be aimed at each throw. This is because the triple value is 3 runs and the highest inning score could be 9 per inning. Any time eligible players target for a triple.

Take a triple in conventional baseball as a 'home run.'

Baseball darts is the best game to include all your friends. In just a few minutes, you can show anybody how to play. Depending on how many games you enjoy, it can lead to hours of fun.