Dartboard Measurements

Official Dartboard Measurements

Before you start off arranging your wall decorations or custom dartboard surround, you must know the correct dartboard measurements.

You must choose a location with lots of space to enable these measurements, plus some additional space to make a protected and comfy darting atmosphere.
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Dartboard Measurements Distance and Height

Height towards the Center on the Dartboard

The darboard height in the floor towards the center on the dartboard (the bull's eye) has to be five feet eight inches (1.73 meters). This can be the internationally recognized official dartboard height for steel tip dartboard at the same time as soft-tipped darts.

As you will see, I suggest mounting the board in the correct dartboard height ahead of measuring out towards the throwing line (a lot more information about how you can mount the dartboard beneath).

Horizontal Distance towards the Throwing Line

The official distance towards the throwing line is 7 feet 9 ¼ inches (two.37 meters) in the face in the dartboard.

Note: The dartboard distance just isn't measured in the wall.

A normal dartboard is about 1 ½” thick. If you also know the thickness of the backing surface, you could effortlessly estimate exactly where to measure the throwing line distance from.

But it is significantly less difficult to mount the dartboard in the correct height initial.

As soon as the dartboard is mounted in the correct dartboard height, you can drop a plumb line or string in the center on the bull's eye for the floor.

From that point, you would measure 7' 9 ¼” towards the front in the throwing line. This dart board measurement would be eight feet for soft-tipped darts (i.e. for an electronic dartboard).

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Diagonal Distance for the Throwing Line

Yet another strategy to figure out the throwing line distance in the face in the dartboard is always to take a diagonal measurement. But locate an individual to assist initially.

Have that individual hold a tape measure in the center on the double bull's eye and measure out diagonally to 9 feet 7 inches (two.37 meters).

If you do not have somebody to assist you, utilizing the horizontal strategy together with the correct dartboard measurements need to yield the same benefits.

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