Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Talking Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Talking Electronic Dartboard with Soft Tip Darts, AC Adapter, and Operating Manual
With the new and improved Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Talking Dartboard, players can play like a real pro with all the game features available. This dartboard offers the NylonTough segments which provide durability and improved playability by maintaining its shape through countless games. It is designed with micro-thin segments that reduce the chance of bounce-outs and increase the scoring potential of the board. See also Arachnid Dart Boards

Players have 48 games (8 new) with 354 options and one-touch quick select of 301/cricket to enjoy. Perfect for 8 players with 4 player score display. It also features a state of the art voice prompt that announces the dart score and an enhanced voice record feature that is available for your use. This dart board also has an optional 3-level Heckler which makes this game board interactive by harassing players for impressive scores and bad throws.

The board is also designed in tournament spider and in trademarked tournament colors to give light during the game. Choose from different features when you play this game: Single in/out and double in/out, solo play, player handicap, sleep mode, reset. Start a game right away with 6 Soft-tip darts and extra tips, AC adapter, mounting hardware, game instructions, and operating manual.

Excellent Board

A bit pricey but very nice. Easily mounted. I noticed less bounce out than with the cheaper board this replaced. It is a bit complicated to learn how to operate all the features so I recommend keeping the manual handy. My only two gripes are the heckler and announcer/sound effects can be annoying so I turn the sound off more often than not. Secondly Its hard to see the numbers you have hit from the throw line

This board is perfect, our friends love to come over and play

We play darts a lot. This board is perfect, our friends love to come over and play darts. It also has a feature you can record all the player's names so there’s no confusion as to who is next. And we love the heckler feature! Well worth the money.