Best 11 Halex Dart Boards Review of 2021

Halex dartboards are inexpensive and are used by amateur dart players all over the world. Halex is most renowned for its luxury table tennis, but they also make dartboards. The Halex dartboard can be purchased in most sports shops and is inexpensive.

Halex dartboards are made of soft steel dart tips or plastic target surface. Halex has applied something to the dartboards with software that harasses players for bad throws. Dartboards are produced with a technical touch and are made of high-quality material used in the production process.

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Best Halex Dart Boards Review

1. Regent-Halex Millennia 1.0 Electronic Dartboard In Wood Cabinet Brown

Halex Millennia 1.0 Electronic Dartboard is a reasonably priced, medium-performance dartboard. It comes with a package of six long-tipped darts. Some players complain that the audio is pretty poor. Often a bounce-out problem is recorded, but this can be prevented when using a set of darts. It's packed with a voice announcer that even has some trash-talking, but for those who see it as noise, there's a chance to turn it off. The board comes programmed with 28 games and 167 games.

2. Halex Nova 1.0 Multiple Player Electronic Dartboard LCD Scoring 64311

Halex Tournament Dart Board comes with a crystal clear LCD scorer display. Kit contains 6 soft-tip darts (in two colors) and tip substitutes. The installation is simple and quick and can be installed in the game room, in the office, or at home. The dilemma of bounce-outs should not keep his head as long as the tips of the darts are in reasonable form. It comes with instructions on how to set up a dartboard and recommended guidelines on gaming.

3. Halex Avengers Electronic Dartboard

The Avengers Electronic Dartboard manufactured by Halex is made with soft-tip darts. The 5-pound board weighs 5 pounds and has an LCD monitor with scores of up to 8 players. The usual suspects of 21 games and 65 level variants in these games are available. Sign up for Cybermatch and play with your opponent's computer to further threaten your opponent. The package of dartboards and 6 darts are powered by batteries (3 AAA batteries) but are not included in the pack. This is a beginner's dartboard that would not suit the function of a tournament level player.

4. Halex Madison Electronic Dart Board With Contemporary Cabinet

Halex Madison is a blue bristle dartboard that can support good quality dart board. There are 211 combinations for the cool 38 games (the list of which is accessible on one door). The speech announcer reads scores and applauds strong passes, and speculates about any option of trash talk. All in all, it comes on the heavy side at 14 pounds or 6.35 kilograms. It's powered by electricity and you can plug your Halex Madison dartboard into the power supply using the supplied AC adapter. The board weighs 14 pounds (6.35 kg) and has a built-in game console.

5. Halex Bristle Tech Electronic Dartboard

Bristol Tech Dart Board comes with 21 pre-programmed games and 65 stage combinations. You need to use the Cybermatch feature to compete with a machine opponent. Seasoned gamers would term it a dartboard ideal for recreation. The crucial thing for beginners is that every board takes something to get used to. When you get more familiar with the board, the bounce-out rate decreases. The eyes of the bull are not sharp enough, and often they do not know a throw.

6. Halex Zeta Electronic Dartboard

Halex Dartboard is electronic, which ensures that the score can be shown on the Dart Board panel. Board is designed for soft dart tips included in the kit. The maximum number of players who can play this dartboard is 8 and you can pick from 20 different games, like cricket games.

7. Halex Impact Electronic Dartboard

Halex Impact is yet another simple Halex dartboard. 13.5′′ target area is a little less than the official dartboard target area of the tournament. Halex Impact has 21 games with 65 different levels to select from. The display screen is thin, displaying scores of players as well as scores for cricket games. This Halex dartboard also comes with six soft tip darts and AA batteries.

8. Halex Competition Paper Wound Dartboard

Some people want to throw darts a little faster because they want dart tips from steel. Steel dart tips are commonly found in the soft target such as paper dartboards. Six steel darts with steel tips are on this Halex dartboard. This dartboard has nothing to say for, so what you have to do is mount it on the wall and throw darts. The quality of the target region is enough for years to come.

9. Halex Championship Bristle Dartboard

Another inexpensive dartboard for anyone who wants to hop into a party of fun darts. The board is perfect for steel dart that is part of the kit. The target area comes in the form of sisal fiber, a high-quality material that ensures longevity and time-space. After pulling a dart, the sisal fiber restores the hole. Removal metal ring is suitable for quick rotating on this dartboard and can also serve to make the board durable. The damage to numbers sometimes hit by the spinning of the metal ring may be repaired.

10. Halex Tournament Bristle Dartboard

The Halex Tournament has the same features as the Halex. It is also made with a metal ring with a goal region of sisal fiber, which means several years of play. The only distinction is in scale and the formal scale and destination of the tournaments. Six darts with steel tips include this dartboard. I might assume that both the dartboards of the tournaments and the championships are made of the same consistency.

11. Halex Nottingham Bristle Dartboard Cabinet

Halex Nottingham Bristle Dartboard Cabinet is for a Dart enthusiast who doesn't only enjoy the game but likes the high quality dart board on his walls. The dartboard cabinet is made of wood of walnut and is painted in both rooms. This cabinet is designed for the game Cricket. An erasable scoreboard is on either side of the door and two erasable markers are included in the packet. You will conveniently hold the score with these labels. This cabinet is also fitted with six steel dart tips. High-quality components are available in the target region and the board also has a metal ring that can rotate the board and prolong the length.

Final Thoughts

Halex dartboards focus more on amateurs, and because of that, they provide low budget dartboards that anyone can afford. Halex keeps its head above its competition by packing in many gaming options. All these features packed into moderately-priced dartboards still offer electronic display and audio options. The dartboards come with premium quality and will serve you well for many years.