Nodor Dart Boards

Nodor began out in 1919, producing modeling clay. The clay dartboards never ever captured on, and Nodor changed to making the conventional elm dartboards that were popular at the time. See also Best Electronic Dart Board

It is throughout 1931 that of the best developments in dartboards entered into being: the bristle dartboard. The concept had actually been recommended to the creator of Nodor by a regional club owner and after some refining, the 2 submitted a patent for the dartboard. 4 years later on, the very first bristle dartboard, the Nodor Original Bristle, struck the marketplace.

Confronted with increasing expenses of production and markets flooded with low-cost imports, Nodor's production centers relocated to Kenya in 1999 to guarantee they might continue producing the greatest quality boards at competitive rates. Nodor had actually constantly dealt with stiff competitors from regional competing dartboard producer Winmau, however this pertained to an end in 2002 when Winmau was purchased out by Nodor.

Nodor Dartboards

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The Nodor dartboard option is leading notch, as you may anticipate from the business that brought the world its very first bristle dartboard. All Nodor dart boards are made of the greatest quality East African sisal, which is frequently made use of for some of the finest aquatic ropes.

The premium Nodor Supamatch dartboard is made to world competition requirements. The Nodor Supawire dartboard has a thin triangular electrical wiring system.

Completing the primary lineup of dartboards is the Nodor Supabull II. This takes its name from the initial staple-free bullseye wire initially established by Nodor.

Nodor likewise produces a variety of expert dart boards to match their major providing. They produce a training board for experts that showcases a half-size bull and lowered doubles and triples for hours of abuse. Nodor likewise makes dartboards for older local variations of the video game, consisting of boards developed for Yorkshire, London Wide Five, London Narrow Five, and Lincoln.

Nodor SupaMatch 3 Bristle Dartboard

The Nodor Supamatch Dartboard gets around 1 1/2 hours of daily use. Day-to-day use which showed little to no wear. A major change over conventional mounts is the adjustable feet. If you're looking for a dartboard with a lot of use that can keep up, this is the board for you. It's kept up extremely well and hardly displays any traces of wear.

Nodor Supa Wire Steel Tip Dartboard

Endorsed by the American Dart Organization Regulation size 18" x 1 1/2" bristle board. Staple-free Supabull Supawire bands & dividers reduce bounce-outs Moveable number ring prolongs life of board. Made in U.K. or Kenya.

Other than the bullseye wire, Nodor Supawire Dartboard is as good as any board with staples youre gonna find. It may be worth purchasing if youre just looking for a board to practice on, but if it were me id just spend a few extra bucks and get a Blade4 or another one of the superior boards.

Nodor SupaBull2 Bristle Dartboard

Nodor SupaBull2 Dart Board is a regulation-sized bristle dartboard endorsed by the American Dart Organization. Dense sisal fibers create a self-healing playing surface. Board has a staple-free bulls-eye for maximized scoring. Moveable number ring ensures dartboard will wear evenly, prolonging the playing life. Board is 1.5 inches thick, carries a one-year warrant and is equipped with easy-turn steel numbers. It's not ideal for tournament play, but is great for beginning and recreational players.