Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with Cabinet

With 34 games and 183 scoring options, the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard packs enough fun for all your friends and family. The cabinet features built-in slots to store four complete sets and extra large LCD cricket scoreboard for easy viewing. Mercury electronic dartboard also features concave segment holes, cyber play with 5 skill levels, and an easy to read control panel. Comes ready to play with 6 darts, 6 spare tips, power adapter, game manual, and a mounting hardware. See also best electronic dart board
Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with Cabinet

Really love the soft tip dartboard, needs better darts.

I got this through the Amazon Vine program to review. I used to play darts all the time growing up and was excited when this was offered for review. I got it to put in our basement so we could play darts as a family. This is the type of dart board I had growing up; it has small holes in a plastic background and the darts you use are plastic as well. We prefer the plastic dart board like this because we have cats and small kids around and don't want to be throwing the sharp tipped darts around (the cats like to chase them when we play and kids can run in front of the dart board).

This was easy to set up and worked great. There are quick start tips for if you want to set up and start playing darts right away. Having the digital counting is really nice and it transitioned well between players. There are 34 different dart games you can set up to play and the manual explains the rules for all of them. It's very easy to use and we had a great time with it.

Soft tip dart boards always have some issues. The first is bounce-backs; if the dart doesn't go into one of the holes it can bounce back away from the dart board. We actually didn't have too much of this. The other issue is with the darts; because they have plastic tips they can break off and then you have to replace the tip. We played for an hour or so and went through six replacement dart tips which is a lot. They do provide quite a few replacement tips.

We had one other issue with the darts; the fins kept popping off when we missed the board and then we had to put the dart back together. Not a huge deal but you had to find both parts of darts when it happened. We also had one instance where the dart tip broke off right at the center metal fastener; we had to get a pliers to get the broken part off.

The dart board itself seems very durable and high quality; it was easy and fun to use. I really like the cabinet style because you can close it and keep kids and cats away from the buttons and the darts. This also comes with mounting hardware (a couple wall anchors and screws); I haven't mounted on the wall yet because we aren't sure where we want to hang it; we just set it on the window seal of the basement and it worked great.

Overall this is a nice electronic soft tip dartboard. I didn't have any issues with the dartboard itself and thought it looked great. Unfortunately the darts kind of sucked; so we are going to buy a bag of replacement tips and look for some better darts to use with this. In general though the soft-tip darts aren't great because the tips and fins can break. I would recommend if you are looking for a good electronic soft tip dartboard for the casual dart player.

Fun electronic darts.

Installing is pretty straightforward as the cabinet is fully assembled you just need to put a couple of screws into the wall and assemble the darts. Mine has doors that don't quite close straight, but overall it looks great open and it's still nice to be able to close it up. Playing this very fun and it has a large selection of games. The starter darts are a little soft and you'll probably burn through the original tips (including the 6 extras) pretty quickly so plan of getting another pack of darts or tips. The various games and sound levels are mostly intuitive or require maybe a little trial and error the first time around to figure it out. Overall it's a nice self scoring dart board that can get out of sight when not in use.


  • Easy install
  • Lots of games
  • Volume levels... including muted play


  • Pre-assembled doors were a little off
  • Darts will need replacement sooner rather than later.
  • Power cord may need an extension if outlet is more than a few feet away on the wall.