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Owning a good dartboard cabinet can protect your board, double as a scoreboard, and add lighting. It can also serve as a storage for your extra gear. Not all dartboard cabinets are created equal and you will need to find one that suits your needs. Here are some of the best cabinets for dartboards you can find.

Let’s take a look at the best dart board cabinets.

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Top 5 Dart Board Cabinets 2023 Review

1. American Heritage Billiards Cavalier Dart Board Cabinet: Editor’s Choice

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This tournament-grade dartboard comes in a beautiful cabinet. It adds rustic charm to your gaming room or bar. The Cavalier Dart Board Cabinet by American Heritage Billiards has wonderful extras.

The cabinet is made of solid wood and MDF with veneer and includes six darts. Two chalkboard scoreboards help keep score (they even come with an eraser). This cabinet meets most people's needs.

Despite the 29 lbs, the pre-installed Z-Brackets on the back make mounting simple and secure.

Good darts equipment as well.The bristle board isn't as good as PDC-approved boards, but it's good enough for home use. Quality steel-tipped darts with holders are also available.


  • Scoreboard, eraser, and darts are included.
  • simple to mount.
  • durable and stylish.


  • The board should be better.

2. Jack Daniel's Dartboard Cabinet Set: Best Dart Board Cabinet Design

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Jack Daniels means whisky, not darts or games! Jack Daniels makes bar games and drinks. It's not simply a curiosity; it's a high-quality board for your bar.

The design is great, and the cabinet is strong. The only complaint is that the cabinet doors don't always close properly. Most of us don't mind.

This bristle dartboard has a greyscale design with a black and white bullseye, doubles, and trebles. This may match your bar or game room design!

Good accessories. You get six darts, a dry-wipe scoreboard, and a nice board. This features a sophisticated design and is reliable enough for the majority of casual gamers.

  • Pro
  • Darts and a dry-wipe board are good accessories.
  • elegant black-and-white design.
  • a rugged cabinet that should last years with proper care.


  • Doors close unevenly.
  • not as simple to install as others on the list.
  • PDC-recommended dart boards are better.

3.Viper Stadium Cabinet – Best Dart Board Cabinet With Light

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The Viper made our list because it is the best dart board cabinet with an inbuilt light, which allows you to illuminate while playing for a more professional feel and eliminates the need to worry about lighting in the room before placing the dart board.

This 18-inch version is ideal for competition preparation. It includes a scoreboard, light, dry-wipe marker, and eraser in addition to a high-quality bristle board and cabinet. This ensures you only need the dartboard cabinet.

The board is made of sisal fibers, which many dartboard brands use due to their self-healing capabilities, so you can rest assured that it will hold up to casual wear and tear.

The hardwood cabinet can withstand a bombardment of darts.

This dartboard's plastic back sometimes doesn't fit the cabinet precisely.


  • quality, full-sized sisal board.
  • A light is included to illuminate the playing area.
  • quality scoreboard and wooden cabinet.


  • Poor accessories.
  • The dartboard back is fragile and made of plastic, making it difficult to connect to the cabinet.

4. Thornton Premium Quality Bristle Dartboard Cabinet: The Best Dart Board Cabinet for Less Than $100

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The Thornton Premium Quality Bristle Dartboard is comparable to the Viper Stadium Cabinet; however, it lacks cabinet doors and is not as high quality.

The installation kit, instructions, and several accessories are included. Even a novice DIYer can install this dartboard.

There is an LED lighting system, a scoreboard for cricket, and six darts with holders.

Despite being cheaper than many of the top cabinets on the list, it is made of premium Sisal fibers and is full professional size at 18 inches, so you can learn to play like the pros without spending a lot of money.

You can turn the scoring ring so that the parts that get used the most can rest and wear down more slowly.

If you want something under $100, the Thornton is worth consideration.


  • Rotate the board to get more wear out of it over time.
  • Made of sisal fibers.
  • Full sized.
  • Quality wooden cabinet.


  • There are no doors that close like ordinary cabinets.
  • Flights and darts might improve.

5. EastPoint Sports Belmont Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Set -- The Most Affordable Option

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EastPoint Sports' Belmont Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Set is our cheap pick. This dartboard is good but not tournament-quality. As our cheapest recommendation says, you get what you pay for. It's suitable for casual players and amateurs wishing to finish their home bar or gaming area, but not pros.

Though it may not last for many years, the board is adequate for realistic gameplay and is staple-free, which reduces bounce-outs.This self-healing board doesn't perform as well as other boards on our list.

Impressive accessories. Six darts, a scoreboard, an eraser, a wall template, and dart holders are provided.

The cabinet is sturdy, and some have bought a new board for it.

This dartboard and cabinet may be suitable for you if you're casual with darts and don't worry about their appearance. If your board will see a lot of use, it may be worth it to spend a little more money for a higher quality.


  • Solid cabinet.
  • Though inexpensive, it has several accessories.


  • less durable than other boards.
  • The best boards have better self-healing.

Dartboard Cabinet Buyers Guide

Playing darts is addicting. I have seen the model too often. Friends, family, acquaintances, and coworkers have all been bitten and fallen victim to the dart virus. Soon after, I will find them plunged into the depths; watch tournaments on TV, follow Pro players on social media, and play regularly in their local pubs and bars. In the end, they all end up in the same place. Arguably, dart cabinets can be considered the most important “accessory” purchase you will make in your years as a dart player, as it can offer you a variety of benefits; both as a player and as a connoisseur of the sport.

The dartboard accessory market is booming. Here's what to look for when picking the perfect cabinet for your dartboard.


The first thing you will want to consider carefully is the construction of your dart cabinet. These factors of production will influence your decision as each will determine, to a certain extent, the life span of your investment.

On the other hand, cabinets made of higher quality woods such as poplar, oak, and walnut will have a long service life.

Style & Design

People often underestimate the value of style and other design-oriented factors. Whether you're installing a closet in your living room, basement, or dedicated game room, you'll spend many hours just hanging up and pointing yourself out.

On the other hand, choosing an item that accidentally conflicts with an existing room style can disrupt the atmosphere and leave you feeling like something is off.


How tough you decide the overall worth of your dart box storage capacity. It is very unlikely that you get stuck in darts and just stop at a dartboard. Search a cabinet for extra darts, flights, barrels, tip sharpeners, etc. with plenty of storage space.

Added Value

Finally, we recommend that you consider purchasing cabinets from more premium manufacturers and beyond by including added value to their service.

What do I mean by value added?

Yes, some cabinet manufacturers will include the bare minimum, while others will include everything you need to optimize your dart playing experience; thus offering a comprehensive package that offers considerable convenience and savings.

For example, some premium packages will include an included set that can contain an electronic marker/bristle or electronic dart, dry-erase scoreboard, external chart, dry erase marker, and mounting hardware to help the installation was as easy as possible.


Price is, of course, an important factor for many of us. A quality dart cabinet can easily last 10-20 years or more. It will stay in your home for many years to come.


When the opportunities available to choose from in the dartboard industry are as many as there are, it's easy to be the target of paralysis research.

But that's not important. You have the office scanned for this list. Simply pick the style that suits your game room best and explore yourself.

I hope you can decide on this list of the best dartboard cabinets. Let us know what cabinet you chose for the dartboard and how you enjoy it.

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