Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic DartboardThe Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 features a regulation size 15.5-inch target area for tournament-style play. The classic red, black and yellow of the target area are trademarked tournament colors for a classic look that you can only get from Arachnid! 

Cricket Pro 650

Got this board based on the price and reviews and am not disappointed at all. Installation was easy and the instructions give you the proper measurements for where you need to drill your pilot holes to put the board at regulation height.

The darts that come with the board seem pretty decent, but I haven't played with them extensively. Nice to have spare darts for friends to come over and play though.

I have been using my 18g darts with this board and they work just fine. They do hit the board a little bit loud, but part of that is just the way I throw. Just don't play at night if you have light sleepers around.

For me, Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 seemed as though there was a break-in period for the board. My first shots stuck in very hard and were difficult to remove, even broke one tip-off in the board. After hours and hours of playing, I don't have to get a workout pulling my darts out anymore.

All in all, great quality dartboard. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 gives you great quality at a decent price.

Good but complicated

Finally, an electronic dartboard that works! Had many irritating visits to various stores that resulted in returns. Really love this board. It does what it is supposed to, good quality. I just wish I didn't need a manual to figure out what games are what. After a while, you get to know the games you play regularly, not a huge deal.