How to Play Beer Darts

Do you want to have a nice time when you're enjoying a couple of beer with your good friends? What you need is a pair of friends, a couple of drinks, and a dartboard, and you have everything you need to play Beer Darts. It's one hell of a drinking game that mixes your talent at dart throwing, with your ability to hang on to your drink, for one unforgettable experience.

How to Play Beer Darts

Beer Darts is a friendly, easy game with two players or teams available. The purpose of the game is to hit your opponent's beer with a dart before they hit yours. You've got to drink it when the beer is punctured!


Players are seated in chairs in a circle about 15ft apart. Every player places on the ground an unopened beer can (not a bottle). Each player should have a second drink for them to drink.

Beer Darts Rules:

Players turn to throw the dart on the beer cans of other players.

  • If the dart misses the beer, the thrower will take a sip of it. Now it's the turn of the attacking player to pick up the dart and toss the next one.
  • When the dart hits the beer but doesn't puncture the beer, the opposing player takes a sip.
  • If the dart punctures the can, the attacking player must fire the remainder of the beer.
  • When the dart strikes the player or the chair on which they sit, the thrower must have a beer.

Until anyone has fired three times, regular games are played.

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