How to Play Beer Darts

Do you want to have a nice time when you're enjoying a couple of beer with your good friends? What you need is a pair of friends, a couple of drinks, and a dartboard, and you have everything you need to play Beer Darts. It's one hell of a drinking game that mixes your talent at dart throwing, with your ability to hang on to your drink, for one unforgettable experience.

What is Beer Darts

Beerdarts (also known as beer darts) is a drinking game that uses aluminum beer cans and metal darts. Although there are other variations, the basic notion is that participants sit opposite one another with a beer can at their feet and take turns throwing a dart at their opponent's can. If the dart punctures or makes contact with the can, the rules dictate a series of events.

How to Play Beer Darts

Beer Darts is a friendly, easy game with two players or teams available. The purpose of the game is to hit your opponent's beer with a dart before they hit yours. You've got to drink it when the beer is punctured!


Players are seated in chairs in a circle about 15ft apart. Every player places on the ground an unopened beer can (not a bottle). Each player should have a second drink for them to drink.

Beer Darts Rules:

Players turn to throw the dart on the beer cans of other players.

  • If the dart misses the beer, the thrower will take a sip of it. Now it's the turn of the attacking player to pick up the dart and toss the next one.
  • When the dart hits the beer but doesn't puncture the beer, the opposing player takes a sip.
  • If the dart punctures the can, the attacking player must fire the remainder of the beer.
  • When the dart strikes the player or the chair on which they sit, the thrower must have a beer.

Until anyone has fired three times, regular games are played.

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