Fat Cat 727 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Very basic

It ships in the display box. Wasn't packed in another box for protection. It was left on my porch in the rain. At least the inside did/t get wet. It was out there for hours. It was less expensive for my first one. I may upgrade to a better one later on, but fun when friends are over. 

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The dartboard is awesome and keeps score accurately

The dartboard is awesome and keeps score accurately. I gave it three stars because the soft tip darts it came with aren't great, they don't stick to the board. We had to purchase different tips and they work very well.

This is a great dart board for the beginner or occasional user

I would have given this board three stars but considering I could buy five of them for the price of my current board, it didn't seem fair. This is a great dart board for the beginner or occasional user. I have thrown more than 10,000 darts at this board and have only had a hand full of stuck target zones and fewer bounce outs. This is a perfect board for a beginner to practice at home.

Great Dartboard for Kids

I was a little skeptical about this dartboard. In the past I never had much luck with the darts sticking in this type of board, but since I have kids I figured I'd give it a try. The darts actually stick and stay in the board. Great board for just playing around. I would recommend this dartboard.

The mounting

The dartboard itself seems great, but we haven't been able to use it yet because we need to go to the store to get a proper anchoring system. The board is meant to be hung up on two nails toward the top of the board and dangle like a photo frame. COMPLETELY unstable and if it doesn't fall right off the wall, it will definitely cause bounce outs. Plus, there is no room on the outside of the frame to use screws, so it's a real pain to get the right hardware to properly mount it.

Easy to set up and easy to use

This board is a great product. It was easy to set up and the games are easy to understand. The instruction booklet is a little hard to read but explains everything well.


  • Great price
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with ok darts and extra tips
  • Games are easy to understand


  • Should have a way to secure bottom of board to wall
  • Instruction book difficult to read