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This article has a list of enjoyable dart games for every level of darts player, novice to professional. Not all of the dart games are explicitly "fun." You may have the joy of winning a game, but the actual play of the game doesn't make you giggle or chuckle. 

This list aims to find a light-hearted dart game that will actually give you a fun from playing. You don't have to read the preface to learn how to play each online. That's just a few more details and personal advice to give you a deeper understanding.
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Popular dart games for you to play

1. 01 games

This are some of the most popular dart games. You've been seeing 501 dart game played in your favorite pub. Players are given a score at the beginning of each session. It could be 301, 501, or 701, depending on how long you choose to play.

The objective is to hit 0 level. For each throw, the points you gain will be subtracted from your starting score.

It can seem straightforward at first, but it can get difficult by the end of the game. You have to cross 0 by hitting a double to score. At all, you can't go below 0. So, if you have 12 points, you're going to have to touch a double 6 to score. As in other sports, the outer ring counts for double points, while the inner ring counts for triple points.

2. Round the world

Like it sounds, the goal in Around the World is to work your way around the dart board in numerical order.

Around the world or around the clock is a fun game for all skill levels. This dart game uses all the numbers on the game board, which is especially suitable for beginners. The player must hit the numbers 1-20 in the order in front of the opponent.


Plus Bull's-eye - Either make the bull the first thing you have to hit or the last. If you play the bull's eye at the beginning, the first person to hit the bull's eye has a chance to get a serious lead. If you play with a bull's eye at the end, you give the subject a better chance of catching up.

3. Cricket

Cricket is the most popular dart games. Cricket can be played 1 on 1 or with two teams.
If you have three or four individual players, it works as well. Although it's more fun with partners.

The goal of cricket, often referred to as American cricket, is to be the first player or team to close all numbers in the game, being even or forward in points. In the game there are numbers 15,16,17,18,19, 20 and a bull.

To close a number, you must get three from each number. You can do this by recording three singles, a double and one, or landing three times.

You don't have to close the numbers in order unless it's a rule you set before the game. If you close a number that is still open to your opponent, you can start scoring on that number.

Keeping the lead in points is the key to winning in Cricket.

For example, if you land four twenties on your first roll before your opponent even throws an arrow, close those twenty and add 20 points to your column.

However, if you are just starting with darts, you can play cricket without points. This is the recommended way to play this darts game as a beginner.

4. Killer

Killer is better played with at least three players. The more players there are, the more competitive the dart game is. Each player will have a number allocated to them. It's going to be the only number they reach.

To find out which number a player has, they must use their non-dominant hand to throw a dart at the surface. The number they fall on should be marked on the scoreboard.

The board should show the number and 3 rows of each player. These lines are referring to their lives. Each player will have three shots per round. During the first few rounds, players must target at the double point value of their total.

The first player to strike their double three times is known to be the 'Killer.'

From this point on, the goal of the game for any player other than the Killer is to keep reaching their number and stay alive. The Killer will take the lives of the players by striking their doubles.However, other players can make a live by hitting their own double. The winner is the last player standing next to the Killer.

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5. English cricket

This dart game is significantly different from American cricket and includes a "batter" and a "bowler."

The goal of the batter game is to score as many runs as possible. The target of the bowler is to eliminate 10 "wickets."

The batter goes first, and it has 10 wickets, which are drawn as lines on the scoreboard.

The bowler must clear the wickets by attempting to hit the bullseye and the outer ring. If the outer ring is struck, one wicket will be lost. If the bullseye is touched, two wickets will be removed.

The batter needs to score as many points on the board as they can when they still have wickets remaining. Runs can only be scored by passing more than 40. For eg, a score of 50 in three darts would have scored 10 runs, while a score of 30 would have scored no runs.

If all 10 wickets have been cleared, the players will switch and the new batter 's goal will be to beat the overall run achieved by the new bowler.

6. Legs

Legs can be played by any number of players of any degree of skill. To create a scoreboard, record the name of each person and put 3 slashes next to it. These three slashes reflect their three "legs."

Each player will have three shots to score as many points as possible. Each number is in play, and the multiplier rings are in place. After the player's round is done, sum up the score and report it.

The very next player must either equal or surpass the previous player's score. So if the first player has scored 42, the second player must score 42 or better. Each player is going to have to play against the score of the player who went before them. When the game is over, the first player will have to face the score of the last player in the previous game.

If you don't reach or beat the score, you're going to break your leg. You're out after you lose 3 legs. The last player to be standing wins.

7. Halve-it

It's a dart game for more skilled players. However, novice dart players should give it a try if they have a great target. One of the great aspects about Halve-it is that a lot of players will get in on the games.

You'll need to make a score sheet to begin with. Create a wide grid with player initials in the top row. You would need to write the following number in descending order in the first column:

20, 16, D7, 14, T10, DB, DB

"D" and "T" are referred to as "double" and "triple" respectively. "DB" stands for "double bullseye." These figures are the only stuff that you're meant to hit. Each player is given three dart shots per round. The goal is to hit the corresponding section of the board in a specific round. So for the first round, you've got to hit 20. You get 20 added to your score every time you hit it.

The number you can get in the first round is 60. Everything is going on for all the players to move on to the next round. If you don't hit the goal number with any of your 3 arrows, your score will be halved, hence the term. The player with the most points scores after all the rounds.

8. Shanghai

Shanghai is better performed when you play a big number of people. A grid scoreboard like the one in the previous Halve-It game is necessary. In total, there are 7 rounds.

For each turn, the players will have three shots to fire at a given board number. The numbers you're going to use are 1-7. So, for the first round, your target is to reach the first block. For the second round, you need to target at 2 blocks and so on.

If you hit the right number, you're going to get the ranking. As always, inner rings count for double dots, while outer rings count for triple dots. The winner is the person with the most points after all seven rounds. There is a way to score, though, much earlier.

You will win the game by scoring "Shanghai." In dart games, "Shanghai" refers to the act of hitting singles, doubles, and triples in the same round. It's very rare, but it can be done with a lot of practice. 

9. Baseball

Baseball is similar to Shanghai, except it's a really common game of darts. Read here for more about how to play baseball dart.

Instead of the 7 innings with corresponding points in Shanghai, you're only playing the standard 9 inning baseball style.

As in Shanghai, there are just darts hitting the inning number in the game count.

But, unlike Shanghai, any dart counts as single, double or triple in Baseball. Much like a real baseball game.

The team with the most runs scores at the end of the nine innings. If there's a draw at the end of 9 innings, you will play extra innings before anyone scores.

10. Gotcha

You clearly settle on a set of points for this dart game to win.

This may be any number, but if you want a fast game, you can select a number like 200, for example. Label all the names in the column down the scoreboard. After each three darts turn, mark the current cumulative points next to the initials of the team.

To win, you must be the first player to score the same amount of points you have entered. You can even "kill" your enemies by hitting their current total points in a single turn and reset their score to "0."

If you surpass the exact number needed to win, your score will be reset to the previous number. For example, if you have a 165 at the beginning of your turn, and then fire a 210, then you're going to bust and go back to 165 for your next turn.

11. Golf

First, determine the number of holes you're going to play, and who's going to toss them first. This can be achieved with a quick challenge close to the bulls, and then order players on the basis of the outcome.

Mark the names of each player over the top of the board and then the numbers down the left side (1 – 9 or 1 – 18).

The target is to score the lowest possible number per turn. Here's how the score works:

  • Doubles are the lowest, 1 tier.
  • Triples are worth two points.
  • Singles on the widest section of the wedge (between the triple ring and the bull) have a weight of 3 inches.
  • Singles in the fat section of the wedge (between the triple ring and the double ring) are worth four points.
  • If you miss the whole total, you get 5 points.
  • Each player gets up to three throws per turn, but only the last throw counts. Label the score of each player per hole and count the points at the end of 9 or 18 holes. The person with the lowest score wins the game.

This is my collection of some fun dart games. I'm sure I'm going to make some additions in the future. If you have some other interesting dart game tips please feel free to leave a message.