Best Dartboards Light for 2023

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Generally, dartboards are lit by an old-fashioned usually, dim spotlight often. Although this can serve a purpose, it’s no longer the top solution. Plus, when you see what cool options are available in dartboard lighting these full days, you happen to be sure to want to change up your overall setup.

With a wide range of choices, you’ll be sure to find one in which takes your fancy. To give you some sort of helping hand, we’ve evaluated some of the best dartboard lights we were able to find and provided each of our thoughts on each.

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Best Dartboards Light Review

1. Target Darts Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System

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The Target Darts Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System has quick installation, simple assembly, and 360-degree LED lighting to ensure an even game. The small magnetic feet will easily connect to any surface or dartboard. We would only recommend the fixture to individuals searching for a shadowless, rapid, and easy installation with a 12-month warranty.

  • Easy to install
  • Shadow free
  • Included warranty
  • Usually ships with UK plug

Shop: Target Darts Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System at Amazon

2. Unicorn Solar Flare Illuminated Dartboard Lighting System 

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The Unicorn Solar Flare Illuminated Dartboard Surround is made of special UV-protected materials that brighten any dark region. It also has a double injection molded frame with an aluminum front cover and sturdy metal corners. This dartboard is designed to fit any standard-sized dartboard. Before installing light fixtures, our team of professionals trimmed, sanded, painted, polished, and sealed everything.


  • LED lights
  • No shadows
  • great quality


  • It is more expensive than the alternatives.

3. The Viper by GLD Products Viper Shadow Buster Dartboard Light – Best Value

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GLD Products stands fully behind the quality of its products, providing a 1-year comprehensive guarantee on service problems as well as product replacement for items covered by warranty. When not in use, this display light folds up to allow you to close your cabinet. It is powered by four AA batteries or an external power supply adaptor (5V, 1000mA), both of which are offered separately.


  • Variable brightness settings
  • Cheap
  • It fits all dartboard cabinets.
  • The option to be battery operated


  • The power supply is sold separately.

4. BIGLIGHT Wireless Dartboard Lighting – Unique Dartboard Lighting

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The BIGLIGHT Wireless Bluetooth Art Picture Lights with Remote are good-looking, bright, and functional. These art picture lights have a 360-degree rotation, which is great if you're not sure what angle produces the best light or viewing effect. There are three different brightness modes – 100% for maximum illumination, 50% for reading convenience, and an optional auto-off timer feature from 15 minutes to 360 minutes.


  • Affordable
  • Battery powered
  • Adjustable brightness and light warmth


  • Not as bright as dart specific lighting,

5. HONWELL Wireless Battery Powered LED Dart Board Lighting – The Best Remote Control Light

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The HONWELL Wireless Spotlight Battery-Operated LED Puck Lights illuminate your dartboard with 80 lumens of 3000K soft white light. You can enjoy the spot at 50% or 100% brightness with a touch control and dimmer. The light pivots and revolves to provide focused light where it is needed, and adjusting its position is simple with one hand.


  • Adjustable angle
  • Easy installation
  • Remote control


  • You might see shadows.

Shop: HONWELL Wireless Battery Powered LED Dart Board Lighting at Amazon

Buyers Guide: How to Light a Dartboard

Why Do You Need to Light a Dartboard?

The visibility of a dartboard is critical for three reasons:

  1. It reduces eye strain by making the target numbers more apparent and simpler to see when aiming.
  2. It lowers or removes shadows caused by insufficient lighting. Shadows on a dartboard make it difficult to see the numbers you're striking and slow down games.
  3. It gives your playing area a dull and unattractive appearance. For a better playing experience when playing darts, you want your setup to mimic what you see on live TV competitions. The better your setup appears, the better your playing experience will be and the more motivated you will be to practice.

This isn't a complete list, but it contains some crucial factors to consider while shopping for a dartboard light.

How to Install Dartboard Lighting

The installation process varies depending on the lighting options. The best options are cabinet-mounted lights or magnetic dartboard rings.

Both of these solutions are tailored to fit around a dartboard or dartboard cabinet, requiring minimal installation. The magnetic ring lights are the easiest to install and attach directly to the dartboard's numbered ring.

Cabinet lights would need to be screwed into the dartboard cabinet, but this is a simple DIY project. It entails marking your screw holes, drilling pilot holes on top or underneath the dartboard cabinet, and then screwing the brackets into position.

Most people can do this in 3-5 minutes, and they'll be secure once installed.

The most labor-intensive alternative is a non-specific picture frame light. These will still illuminate your dartboard, but they must be mounted directly to the ceiling or wall, requiring extra tools and physical labor.

Alternatives to Dartboard Lighting

If you don't have a specialized dartboard setup, consider dartboard light alternatives.

These DIY options won't provide your dartboard with the optimum illumination, but they will help enhance your sight when playing in low light conditions. Alternatives to dartboard lights include:

  • Lamps
  • Ceiling spotlights
  • Clip-on spotlights
  • Booklights
  • Ceiling lights
  • LED strips (lining the dartboard cabinet)

All of these choices can replace a standard dartboard light, although they are not as effective.


A complete dartboard setup requires sufficient vision and lighting for correct practice and to see where each dart lands. The options above should cover most readers' needs. Newer dartboard lights will be tested in the following months, and if the reports are favorable, they will be added to this list.

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