Best Dartboards Light for 2021

Generally, dartboards are lit by an old-fashioned usually, dim spotlight often. Although this can serve a purpose, it’s no longer the top solution. Plus, when you see what cool options are available in dartboard lighting these full days, you happen to be sure to want to change up your overall setup.

With a wide range of choices, you’ll be sure to find one in which takes your fancy. To give you some sort of helping hand, we’ve evaluated some of the best dartboard lights we were able to find and provided each of our thoughts on each.

So, with virtually no further ado, let’s ski into it.

Best Dartboards Light Review

1. TARGET Halo Vision Dartboard Lighting System

TARGET Halo Vision Dartboard Lighting System

The TARGET Corona Vision Lights System is one of the favorite possibilities we reviewed. This dartboard light consists of 125 specific LED lights, which are found around the circumference of the board.

This setup offers a consistent light to the real face of your dartboard. Plus, the innovative technology used to construct this dartboard light adds to the overall look of your setup.

Because of 360 design, any shadow won’t be found by you on the surface of a dartboard. Also, we didn’t experience any kind of single flickering lights while visiting use, which is likely because of LED lights having a considerably longer lifespan than normal halogen bulbs.

Furthermore, the metal frame that contains the BROUGHT lights is strong, therefore should any stray darts strike the lighting program, it’s unlikely to trigger any serious damage.

When it comes to functionality, the lighting system fits with any regular-sized dartboard easily. This is feasible due to the provision of the Titan Dartboard Locking bracket, that comes with this lighting program

These brackets attach the dartboard to the wall securely. With its adjustable fit, you can balance the dartboard on an uneven wall perfectly. This lighting product is so efficient that it is given the green light by the World Darts Federation (WDF).

2. Unicorn Solar Surface Dartboard Surround Lighting

The actual Unicorn Solar Flare Dartboard light comes from the trustworthy manufacturer, Unicorn. Similar to the Focus on Corona Vision lighting program, the Solar Flare can be another modern product that will act as a ring of light around your dartboard, offering 360-degrees involving illumination.

This lighting system is designed to fit almost any type or kind of bristle dartboard. Plus it is super easy to install or delete, plug, and play simply!

Other than its lighting up capabilities, this lighting surround enhances the overall aesthetics of your dartboard also.

The Photovoltaic Flare surround is made of durable material. Also, its robust aluminum injection and cover molded frame provide overall durability to the whole structure. The ability to fit almost any dartboard renders it an best dartboard lighting system.

One drawback is that the ring is not because wide as other options we have tested, making it daunting while throwing for the double scoring zones rather.

3. Winmau Plasma Dartboard Light

Winmau Plasma Dartboard Light

The Plasma Lighting 4300 is a product through the Winmau range. This was the very first product launched by Winmau while introducing their brand new range of dartboard lighting.

What makes the Winmau Plasma Light different from the Unicorn Solar Target or Flare Dart Vision 360, is that this lighting system is placed into the dartboard.

On the contrary, both Unicorn and Target darts lighting systems utilize the encompasses that sit around the dartboard and throw light within the required area. Whereas the actual Plasma Dartboard Light is screwed into place, then using magnetic brackets rather.

The Plasma Lighting Program gives you 360-degree lighting. In terms of the construction of this illumination system, it is made of lightweight aluminum, which not only strengthens it but keeps it lightweight also.

Lastly, it comes with an international plug adaptor kit also, permitting you to use it irrespective of the type of electric power plug.

4. HONWELL Cellular Battery Operated LED Light

HONWELL Cellular Battery Operated LED Light

This lighting system by HONWELL comes with a two-spotlight arrangement, which is used for lighting picture frames commonly. However, we truly feel it’s also a great substitute for illuminating your dartboard.

Often the HONWELL consists of low discord LED’s, which makes it one of the most energy-efficient lighting systems.

The lighting effects fixture is easy to protect to any ceiling. The lighting is angled to level towards the board, which ensures a spread of light across the dartboard surface even.

The HONWELL lighting system is approved by both the PDC and BDO also.

5. BIGLIGHT Wireless Dartboard Lighting

BIGLIGHT Wireless Dartboard Lighting

The BIGLIGHT Dartboard Light is a wireless, battery power operated wall light. Which is more commonly used to illuminate picture frames although, it doubles up as a great dartboard light also.

BIGLIGHT is made of light materials, with the arm and light tube able to be maneuvered into the desired position freely. Secondly, you're also able to increase or perhaps decrease the intensity of the mild using the useful controller.

All the mirror lamps consist of several LEDs, which offer 100 Lumens of light and requires 3 MOBILE PHONE WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION batteries. With its Auto AWAY FROM Timer, a timer can be set by you using the remote control provided.

In regards to the installment, you’re able to attach this light source to almost any surface. The screws included in it be made by the package easy to install with minimum fuss.

What are the Alternative Solutions?

Should you be looking for some alternate options by those we’ve suggested; you could possibly make do with a single focus bulb. Should it be bright ample and not cause too much eyeball, there shouldn’t be restrictions. Mounting the spotlight for the ceiling, pointing towards the motherboard, would be our recommendation.

Shadows and glare are the good reason why most darts players use specially designed lighting. This is why we recommend completing this task. Plus, they look much more impressive than a standard halogen bulb generally.


Installing the innovative and latest dartboard lighting system is a great option for home or public use i. e. a pub as well as darts hall. It does not solely illuminate the dartboard but also, adds a touch of excitement to some friends who see it initially!

Lastly, all of the products we’ve mentioned are completely energy efficient above. So, you can even save money on your energy bills while installing these using some of these lighting systems.

Which body is the best dartboard lighting fixture? Please help us in the comments, below.