Dart Rules 501 | How to play 501 darts

501 is one of the most popular dart games. It is played from Pub Dart to Premier League Darts all over the world. You can play single or double 501 dart games, but we're expected to play separately to simplify things. The goal is to go as few darts as possible from 501 to 0.

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How to play 501 darts

Getting Started

The preferred method is to throw a bullseye to start a game of 501 darts. Everyone who darts closest will take the opportunity of going first or second. The majority of the 501 competitive matches begin with players who throw in and don't have to double. If you do not know the rules on the match starts, first request the local rules, since they might be different. but it would be a 'straight in' in most situations and the first thrower will immediately start scoring.

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Aim Of The Game

Three darts were thrown by the first player, who attempts to score as much as possible, 180 (3 x triple 20). The total scores of the three darts are recorded and deducted by the marker from 501.

The second player immediately stands up and drops three darts to try and do the same thing. This format goes on until one player is out.

End Of The Game

It will confuse things a bit when players have to end a double. This means that the last dart thrown must not only be the exact number but a double. The score must be reduced to 0.

The easiest way to do this will be to score 60 points, which would leave 40 points. A score of 170, is the largest number to be completed in a dart game and a player has to score 2 x treble 20, worth a total of 120 points, and a bullseye, worth 50 points.

A vast amount of combinations are available for finished darts and players to want to play them all and they know how to finish them, without even having to worry about them, when they arrive in a 501 leg.

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Where You Don’t Want To Be

A leg of 501 darts can be decreased to a score of 2 that is double 1 which is often called the 'madhouse.' Players tend to keep away from double 1 and if the dart strikes something more on the board like single 1 their throw is over because once the competitor has thrown they have to come out and try it again. This refers to a reported score over the cumulative scoreboard left.

With a little practice, the 501 darts rules will become second nature in no time. We encourage everyone to find a competitor and give this great game a chance. If 501 darts aren't tickling your imagination, never be afraid! There are many other games to play on a dartboard.

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