Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800. Have you ever thought about buying an electronic dartboard? This electronic dartboard review will bring you up to speed with all that the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 electronic has to offer. 

Electronic dartboards have a number of features that many players prefer over traditional dartboards such as bristle dartboards.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard Review

Looks great, plenty of games

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard
Looks great, plenty of games, all the options you need. I really want to love this game but a couple of major issues I've had with it. #1 is how the voice insists on finishing saying how you did on the first shot when you throw your follow upshot, and #2 is the rather high number of bounce-outs. So, let's say you throw a dud then zing your follow up the shot before he finishes. Well, he finishes the first one, then doesn't even say the next one. Annoying, almost as much so as for bounce outs.

Now though, check out this awesome backer I made! :) Trouble is, even if I wanted to get a different board, it has to be this exact shape so guess I'll put up with this one for a long while.

Awesome board! Many reasons why this is one of the best especially compared to Solar Blast

I had bought the Solar Blast and had issues with it, so I upgraded to this board and couldn't be happier. This is multitudes better and worth the extra $50. Below are the main reasons why this board is great and better than the last:

  • Cricket scoring is EASY to read from distance and is grouped together; with the Solar Blast it ran horizontally and at different levels- you couldn't tell what was closed or open without walking up to the board and figuring it out
  • Bounce-outs- Playing with the exact same darts this board has 1/3 of the bounce-outs that the Solar Blast had.
  • Quality- the material on the board is heavy duty and will catch and hold your darts.
  • The voice that announces scoring is accurate and says the same thing no matter what you hit; the Solar Blast would only announce if you missed a mark or 2x 3x mark. If you hit a single 20 or 18 etc- it was silent
  • Cutthroat cricket works how it's supposed to on this one; the Solar Blast scores it improperly, giving points to all players even if they have it
  • closed out.
  • It's easy to pull up games and the number of players; Solar Blast would revert to 4 players every time you started it up and you would have to scroll up through 16 players to get to 1, 2, or 3 player selection. It's also quick-select buttons for Cricket and 301.
  • It is SO easy to alter the score if someone throws a dart without advancing the player. Never figured out how to do it with Solar Blast
  • No technical issues with this board- Solar Blast had them immediately.

Frequently-Asked Questions about the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Question: Can you play 301 on this board?
Answer: Yes along with a ton of other great games. this is the best board you can buy for your home.

Question: can you turn off the heckler feature and still have the voice scoring feature?
Answer: Yes you can

Question: Can you use the 24-gram steel tip darts on it?
Answer: No, these boards are only to be used with soft tip darts

Question: does it come with a game manual
Answer: Yes... It has tons of different games to play...

Question: What specific mounting hardware is provided and does the board stay completely flush with the wall? (Horizontal brackets?)
Answer: The board came with 2 mounting screws that are to be screwed into the wall at specific heights - vertically to each other. Then the board slides down on the screws and "drops" into place. It is flush with the wall. We used 3M Velcro strips to mount 2 foam cork boards that we purchased at Michaels first. Then put the screws through the corkboard, into the wall. The dartboard slid down nicely on the screws and having the corkboard surrounding the dartboard gives me a way to protect the wall from stray darts.