Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet with Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart Game

Arachnid arcade-style game like the pros uses to win championships. Features Bull Shooter graphics in a black finish with three shelves plus additional storage space under cabinet lid. Make your game room the envy of the neighborhood with the Arachnid Bull Shooter Arcade Style Dart Board! Play like the pros with this electronic dartboard cabinet set.

Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet with Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart GameThe seven-foot-tall cabinet includes storage space below and a beautiful background for the CricketPro 650 electronic dart board. Keeps score for up to eight players at one time so you can have plenty of friends over for arcade style fun!

The CricketPro 650 Electronic Soft-tip Dart Board features: 8 player Cricket - 24 Games - 132 Options, Regulation 15.5" target area, 8 player score display, 5 cricket games, LED display of player game scores and cricket displays, Tournament spider and trademarked tournament colors, Micro thin segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outs, NylonTough segments improve playability and durability, Single in/out & double in/out features, Voice prompt for player to throw, Solo play feature, Player handicap feature, Sleep mode and reset features, Includes 6 soft-tip darts & extra tips, AC adapter, Mounting hardware, Assembly instructions, Game instructions, and Operating manual. One year warranty against defects.

Works great for practicing in my apartment

Bought this unit for practice at home. I joined a soft tip dart league a few months back and it was apparent my skills weren't quite up to par - needed to practice more than one night a week to be able to hold my own at the league.

First off, I selected this unit primarily because I didn't want to mount the dartboard directly on the wall - wanted it mounted to a freestanding unit. I live in an apartment and mounting to the wall is a recipe for annoying the neighbors. I'm happy to report I have had no complaints from the neighbors, even practicing at 2AM. The darts do emit a bit of a slap as they hit the board but it doesn't reverberate through the wall so it's only loud in my own apartment.

As mentioned in other reviews, yes, the cabinet is not the greatest quality. I actually left the door off the front of the cabinet as I found the design on the front to be kinda ugly. Someday I may try to mount the door back so only a plain black finish faces out.

As for the dart board itself - this is no Galaxy G3 or Dartslive unit that you find in a bar so you're going to have more bounce outs than usual, but overall I'm pretty happy with it for home practice. The games work well enough on it - I play against the computer all the time and the feature works well, however depending on the game the computer works either pretty well, or the AI is comically bad. For instance, on 501 even on the easiest difficulty level, the computer hits triple 20s like nobody's business. Almost like whoever programmed it never shot the game in real life. Overall a minor issue for this price, however.

Happy with my purchase overall. Someday I may upgrade to a nice Dartslive home board setup (they make a nice board for ~$300) and try to shoehorn it into this cabinet.

Great product for a home rec room

I bought the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 for my wife who wanted it for our rec room in our basement. It is tall! The pictures do not allow you to visualize how big this is when assembled. It is over 7’ tall. I had to saw off about an inch on the bottom so it would fit in my basement.

The product information only gives the dimensions of the shipping container. I was concerned with all the bad reviews of the poor quality of the cabinet. I am a very experienced builder of particle board furniture kits. I actually think this is made out of better quality materials than other particle board dressers, entertainment centers, and bookshelves I have built in the past.

The instructions were clear and easy to read and all the hardware worked fine. Often I have to rummage through my tools to replace a missing bolt or screw. But not with this kit. I also installed the anti-tip bracket at the top. The cabinet feels perfectly solid to me. It looks really impressive in our rec room. The top compartment is great for holding your darts and dart accessories.

The bottom cabinet is large enough to hold other things you might have in your rec room. The dartboard itself is pretty nice. It has several dart games you can play. It has voice prompts “Next Player” “You Win” etc. It also has little welcome chime and winning chime with clapping sounds.


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