Best Velcro Dart Boards

Due to their level of safety and fun, Velcro dartboards are a great introduction to darts for children. They are combined with small balls wrapped around with Velcro tape to make the game even safer. But which velcro dartboard is the best, and what makes it so? We have compiled a breakdown of the most popular Velcro dart board sets.

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The Best Velcro Dart Boards

B. Shark Toys – Hungry Toss

The game has been given an interesting twist. Instead of balls, your kids will throw fish at a shark-mouthed dartboard. So it's twice the fun.This kit contains a shark fabric dart board with four fish-shaped balls.

The 17 by 20-inch target is easy to strike. The design of this set isn't the only plus. It's BPA and phthalate free, and We.Org gets a cut of every transaction. It's small and portable. By purchasing, you can help a good cause while staying safe.

Liberry Velcro Dartboard

Liberry's velcro dartboard has a diameter of 26 inches, which exceeds the standard 18 inches of regular dartboards. The board is also a vibrant combination of colors; green, blue, red, and yellow, in addition to a pink bulls-eye. To fold the board, you should twist it from two sides with both your hands in opposing directions.

Yesmarks Dart Board for Kids Safe Classic

If you want a fun velcro dartboard, try this one from Yesmarks. ‘Hungry Billy' is a blue monster with colorful scoring targets.

The Yesmarks velcro dartboard is 13.8 inches in diameter and constructed of soft fabric. On the other side of Hungry Billy is a conventional target area.

The board includes eight red and blue balls. The balls are light and compact, making them ideal for kids.

The Benefits of the Velcro Darts Game

Modern games and entertainment for children are increasingly pinning them to the screen. The easy setting gives them immediate satisfaction. They do not have to make any effort, wait for something, or try harder. The kids develop problems with the mobility of their fingers, lose the ability to make facial expressions, and can have posture problems as a result. 

The Velcro Darts game is safe enough to let your kids play alone. They will cultivate a competitive spirit, not only with others, but also with their previous results.The game itself will teach them that they have to make some effort in order to achieve satisfaction; it will not be handed to them on a platter. It is also a great opportunity for parents to spend some quality time with their children and strengthen their bond.


There is no excuse not to try out Velcro dartboards with your children; they are a great way to teach them how to play the game. They are fun and can help you improve your child's math skills and hand-eye coordination as well as their English language skills.