Grand Board 3 Review

Gran Board 3 Review: Is It Really A Good Dartboard?

Gran Board is a well-known maker of soft-tip dartboards. So, the question is, how fantastic is it? We will provide an in-depth Gran Board 3 Led Bluetooth Dartboard review to help you understand this product better.

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Shop: Grand Board 3s at Amazon

Shop: Grand Board 3 at Amazon

Product Overview

This Gran Board 3 electronic dartboard has various unique features not found on any other dartboard. Using this board allows you to play and compete against any dart player on the globe.

It's a fascinating style. Gran Board 3 has a battery, and some of its features require electricity. Many more features distinguish each electronic dartboard. This is one of the rare boards that allows you to play online with the same board.

You can add graphics, scoring, and data tracking. It also works with Apple, Android, and Smart TVs. This dartboard is beautiful as well as functional. Some types have heavy steel-tipped darts that will make the game more in tune with nature.

Unlike other grand boards on the market, this one is unique. The dimensions of this grand board are 22.5′′ x 22.5′′ x 1.5′′ and it weighs 6.2 lbs. But its design is unknown. It has no LED, but a huge catch ring all around. It is easy to use and set up.

Gran Board 3 contains Bluetooth features to connect to your mobile phone. Also, this board runs on two AA batteries. It features an on/off switch, and the LED light turns on when the cable is plugged in.

The Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Dartboard performs faster and better than earlier models. It mainly improves the software and usability of the product. It offers all the necessary features for a pleasant game and a wide range of settings.

You may play it online with people from all over the world. You will be thrilled with the vast online playing community. You can also change the board's sensitivity. It is ideal for seasonal or novice users.

Your iPhone 4, iPad 3, Android phone, or smart TV can be paired with this board via Bluetooth. This allows you to observe other players' game streams while streaming live games.

You may run it on your phone. So, there are a lot of games available, and the corporation is always releasing new ones. It also features a player profile with stats like averages, wins, and current rankings.

This dartboard is constructed of colorful plastic with a wooden backing. You can enjoy it year after year because of the high quality materials and engineering.

Unlike other boards, it is heated using durable foam. So that helps reduce sound. This Gran Board has three damp acoustic features that reduce the sound, making the game more natural.

Its LED lights are vibrant and eye-catching. Its light reaches the board. They sometimes add to the play's atmosphere. One of its features is that it may be set to target your online haters.

This is an electronic dartboard from Darts Connect, a well-known brand that has had great success with similar items in the past.


1. Is there a camera or microphone on Gran Board 3?

Ans: Gran Board 3 includes a touch screen, a camera, a microphone, and speakers built-in.

2. Can the Gran Board 3 be powered just by USB or does it need batteries?

It can be powered by a 1.5 A USB adaptor or outlet. It is advised to connect at 2.4 A or greater. Gran Board 3 also requires batteries. Only USB or batteries can lower it.

3. How many player profiles can the app save?

Local play can save eight participants. Online play requires only one account at a time.

4. Can I play Gran Board 3 offline or is it only for online play?

Sure, This is a great household dart board. No need for the internet.

As you may know, soft-tipped dartboards are gaining popularity. Many players choose soft-tip dartboards over bristle or magnetic ones. It has numerous intriguing features that make it unique. What sets it apart from other dartboards and why is the soft-tipped dartboard in such high demand?

The Gran Board has a popular series, hence the Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Dartboard. It has features that will keep you entertained.


Our Gran Board 3 review is over. We know it's a good dartboard because it's composed of durable materials. It has wonderful features that your friends and family can play. We also discovered that an excellent app with uninterrupted games is routinely updated.

This Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Dartboard could be considered for your future dartboard because it has several practice games to improve your accuracy. It's also playable online versus anyone in the world. Online gamers are a vast community. There are various types of electronic boards.

Gran Board excels in quality but falls short in application. Get this board if you are good at the same ecosystem as me.