Darts Connect Online Electronic Dartboard

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Darts Connect Online Electronic Dartboard Review

This is an electronic dartboard from the well-known Darts Connect company. It uses a surface with tiny holes for the darts to sink into, allowing the device to identify when one lands. It allows you to play other gamers online from anywhere in the world and has many smart design features to increase user experience.

Darts Connect Electronic Dartboard Design

The Darts Connect Electronic Dartboard has a 15.5 target area and is regulation size, making it ideal for regulation use. Because the company does not own the trademark tournament colors, it uses a grey, red, and blue color scheme. It's not ugly, but it makes the board appear more like a toy than a pub or darts club.

Darts Connect Electronic Dartboard Features

The stunning design and high-resolution screen allow for an almost limitless number of gaming options. This game's killer feature is global multiplayer. Your scores will be sent over WiFi, and you'll be able to see each other throw thanks to a wide-angle camera on the board's front. Sadly, connecting to the app and scheduling a game can be challenging.

Should You Buy the Darts Connect Online Electronic Dartboard?

A terrific experience for darts fans when everything works correctly. The issues include in the app's design and reliability, as well as the plastic dart board itself. We hope to see these issues resolved in future app updates. While still a suggestion, be prepared for periodic performance dips.