Dart Practice Makes Perfect

The game of darts is not unlike other games that require technical skill.  Like most sports, however, constant dart practice will bring you results. Phil Taylor and other celebrity dart players wouldn’t be ultimate champions if they didn’t commit to a series of training and other skill-enhancing routines. If you are serious about improving your skill and score, then it’s time to develop a dart practice regiment.

You should take dart practice as seriously as a match. Your practice time should be free from interruptions.  When you develop a  dart practice routine, and stick with it, you will begin to score more consistently due to improved muscle memory and skill.  It is also important to track your progress when practicing.   Record your scores at every practice session so you can see how your averages improve over time.  Use the following tips to develop a dart practice routine that will deliver results.

dart practice

General Dart Practice

There are a variety of  drills a dart player can use to develop a unique routine. One of the best rules of thumb when planning a dart practice routine is to work the board.  So, lets say that you want to improve your chances of hitting double bulls.  It would make sense to practice to hitting the bullseye.  But, if all you do is practice double bulls, then you wont’ be able to finish the game.  Make sure that your routine is one that requires you to hit the entire board.  As you work the board, try to include the following:

Variation – When it comes to enhancing your darts skill, it is important that you add variations in your routines.

Warm Up – In order for you to focus on the game, always start the routine with warm up. Warm up is necessary for you to re-establish natural rhythm. Throw at least 30 darts to 20 regions, followed by 30 darts randomly at doubles and bullseyes finishing by throwing one dart round the board. Ten to 15 minutes of preparation will do.

Accuracy – In darts, focus and concentration are the most important components needed to build up to a better score. A good approach to improve accuracy is to go board-round in doubles assuring that every shot is like an out shot in a match.

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Phil Taylor Practice Tips

According to Phil Taylor, there is no right or wrong way to throw darts but there are secrets on how to become a good dart player.  His secrets include

  • equipment
  • posture
  • aim
  • pressure-handling

Phil Taylor and other professional players, always make sure that they stand as comfortable and as still as possible during darts practice with his leading foot positioned sideways of the oche (toe line). The more sideways the foot is the less likely you are to to lean as you shoot.  They also make sure that they know their aim. Phil Taylor does it successfully by aligning his body on the target or like a gun from the center of the body. He also masters pressure-handling as it can make you throw faster, lose grip, or shake. And when it comes to equipment, trial and error is needed for you to find the perfect equipment that will fit you.

Your dart routine will be unique to your needs but if you dedicate yourself to  a practice regimen, you should begin to see results within a few short weeks.