Bullshooter HotButton How To

An explanation of what is a HotButton is and how to use it!

On a casual play level, the hotbutton can be used for...

1. Putting your name on the dartboard when you play. A nice convenient feature to personalize your experience. This works with G2, G2.5, and G3 dartboards.

2. Storing credits you have put into the dartboard for future use. Dependent on the operator that services the machine, you may be able to save your credits for use elsewhere, or they may be exclusive to the location you are saving from. The operator has the option of setting an expiration date those credits must be used by, as well as a limit to the number of credits that may be stored. This works with G2, G2.5, and G3 dartboards.

3. Participating in various Bar/Operator promotions and contests. Promotions set up by the operator are set within a time frame and may involve competing for the most games, points or wins. These bullshooter hotbutton promotions are available to G2, G2.5, and G3 dartboards.

A more advanced version of these promotions called the Victory Ranked Series are available exclusively to the G3 dartboard, and it also uses the hotbutton to sign in and play. The options on the Operator side are more robust, like creating restrictions based on ability, sex, or age. Operators may also choose between the 15" or 13" head, and assess entry fees to participate.

4. Sign in to Bullshooter Live for casual remote play on the G3. Arguably the coolest feature the hotbutton offers is the ability to sign in to Bullshooter Live, and play remote games against people from all over the world. Once you establish your Bullshooter Live account through the G3, you will then be able to challenge and be challenged by others from anywhere. The advantage is once you have played a minimum number of games, your average is verified. Once this happens, you will have an icon next to your name, and as you browse other people in the lobby, you will see others who have verified averages as well. This will allow you to challenge people of similar ability, according to their verified average.

Remote play can be configured for one or two players. The board allows for 1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 2, and 2 vs. 2 games.

5. Ranked Play solo games. The G3 dartboard will let you log in while playing solo, or 1 vs. 1 games locally. Your stats are saved for what is called Ranked Play. The rankings are viewable on the G3 while the board is not in play.

Arachnid has set up 4 categories for Ranked Play...

  • Best '01 average for the 13" head
  • Best Cricket average for the 13" head
  • Best '01 average for the 15" head
  • Best Cricket average for the 15" head

Advanced players can do everything above and more...

1. Save your league averages to use in casual play, and other events. The hotbutton allows you to save your stats from the league you play in, and use that average in casual handicap games. Some special events allow certain levels to play based on the stats saved on your hotbutton.

2. Online leagues and tournaments. Use the button to log in to leagues all over the country, including Arachnid's Super 8 tournament. A free event for anyone with a hotbutton.

3. Participate in the ESD Points Series. Use the button to log in to your match, and track stats. The button allows ESD to determine which pool you are drawn from for the Qualifying Events and The Finale Events.

4. Earn tournament sponsorship. Through the Victory Ranked Series, you may earn pre-paid entries into tournaments suach the Stanton Automatics tournament in Waterloo, NY or Valley Vending's Northern NY dart tournament.

Source empirestatedarts.com