Bullshooter by Arachnid Marauder 5.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set

Bullshooter by Arachnid Maurader 5.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set features 9 colorful backlit scoring windows with a large-sized footprint. The integrated wood door cabinet doors make it a perfect fit for the game room. With 4 dedicated X/O scoring displays, 38 games and 167 level variations, this set is perfect for any party, or use the solo play and heckler features to spice up your practice time. See also Arachnid Dart Boards

Bullshooter by Arachnid Marauder 5.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet SetWe love the features of this dartboard. I've had this dartboard for several days and we have been playing darts every day. I would rate this board 5 stars if selecting the games were easier and if you were warned about the dart tip issue!

What dart tip issue you ask?

WELL, We were doing fine and then on the second day we started having problems getting the darts to stick. We first noticed this issue with a new set of darts we purchased. As the dart tips wore and needed replacing, darts were not sticking & became a real problem.

After playing around with the darts and dart tips, we think we have found a resolution. OFF BRAND DART TIPS DON'T WORK! We think the dart tips are too short. We purchased the "Bullshooter by Arachnid (replacement 50 soft tips, standard 3/16" thread size)" in the red packaging (I found these at Walmart) and so far they seem to be working. If it becomes an issue again I will be sure to update!


  1. attractive case
  2. semi-decent darts come with the set
  3. it is electric (no burning through batteries!)
  4. loud and clear volume
  5. lots of games!
  6. can accommodate up to 8 players, 4 teams or solo play.
  7. FUN family night game


  1. the heckler (turn it off right by depressing button twice when you turn on the board or you can't turn it off after you select your game)
  2. hard to tell what game you've selected without the instruction guide
  3. no battery back-up (if this is a preference not a problem for us)
  4. off brand dart tips don't work. If you purchase new darts, replace the tips with Bullshooter by Arachnid tips!