Halex Dart Boards

Halex opened its very first production center at the turn of the 20th century simply outside London in a location referred to as Hale End. It is from Hale End that the name Halex was obtained. Among the items they produced was a vibrant toy ball from a then-new plastic called celluloid.

The brand name Halex need to be familiar to lots of table tennis gamers as they have actually been making leading quality table tennis items for lots of years. The Halex brand is presently possessed by Regent Sports Corporation and, as well as producing a complete range of table tennis items, they produce a huge range of table video games and electronic board video games.

In addition, the Halex dartboard line likewise offers a range of dartboards and darting items, and they have actually turneded into one of the leading brands in electronic dartboards.

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Halex Dartboards

Halex Dart Boards
Halex concentrates on electronic dartboards and they have an excellent choice to fit everybody's requirements.

The CricketView series of Halex electronic dartboards all come in their own dartboard cabinet and showcase a distinct X/O scoring screen constructed into the cabinet doors. One standout function of this board is the laser-projected toe line that gets rid of the requirement for measuring.One of Halex's leading sellers is the CricketView 5000. This showcases the brand-new BristleTech surface area that permits for play with both steel-tip and soft-tip darts, both consisted of with the board.

This dartboard has 30 video games with 174 variations and shows 2 gamers' ratings at a time.The distinct Halex Lightning Strike Wireless and Wireless Phantom BristleTech both include distinct removable scoring consoles that can be installed away from the board. Both boards have many video games and a set of darts so you can begin playing right away.

Rounding out the choice of Halex electronic dart boards is the Titan XT. This feature-packed electronic dartboard likewise comes with darts, replacement soft-tips, toe line, and determining tape.

In addition to Halex's lineup of electronic dartboards, they likewise provide a bristle board and for kids, themed magnetic dartboards.

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