Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard Review

Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard Review

The Winmau Blade 5 pushes the boundaries of dartboard technologies to its limits. The new wiring technique enables for extra scoring region within the doubles as well as extra scoring region within the trebles, using a reduction in web surface location for greater scoring. The Dynamic Sector Wires are thinner as well because the Radial Wires which improve the scoring possible. A brand new bullseye and 25 ring function carbon diffusion technologies for an ultra-hard surface and enhanced functionality and durability. The Winmau Blade 5 now consists of the Rota-Lock triple-wheel lock and level system for any safe match and effortless rotation.

  • 14% significantly less web surface region - much less bounce outs and larger scores
  • Thinner wire - deflects incoming darts in to the board and reduces bounce outs
  • 20% Improve in ultimate tensile strength
  • Triple-wheel lock and level system

Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard Review

The boards retail for about £30 - £33 in most shops but as the majority of you understand we fortunate ones within the UK had been capable to choose them up not too long ago from Argos for £20 as they had been a replacement for the out of stock Blade four, so it was a fairly incredible acquire at that value but as Argos are totally stocked up with B5's now its unlikely to come about once again anytime quickly.

Together with the Blade four Dual Core it differed in the standard Blade four in that it had the dual layers of sisal as well as the Rota Lock wheels. The standard Blade 5 also has the Rota Lock wheels now so the primary difference will be the fact the Dual Core has the two layers of sisal as well as a seamless surface, almost certainly due to the two layers, whereas the standard Blade 5 has visible veins which many people like so its not an issue and is certainly what most of the people are utilised to seeing anyway.

Each versions on the board possess the new smaller sized triangular wire spider that is quite flush for the surface and naturally getting thinner it enables to get a slightly elevated scoring bed.

Just just like the Dual Core the inking is good and deep and no visible concerns to alarm, it truly is all extremely neat.


Well there's not a complete lot diverse in between this along with the Dual Core. Aside from the issues I mention above its nevertheless a fantastic board that appears and performs well. Initially I believed the standard might be somewhat firmer than the Dual Core but obtaining had a lot more time for you to test the two and push a dart in different regions its somewhat much more tough to inform, its achievable the Dual Core includes a slightly firmer really feel whenever you push the dart beyond its leading layer of sisal along with the standard B5 seemed to possess a number of spots exactly where it felt a lot more soft, possibly due to the way the biscuits join and might not be as dense about the biscuits edges.

But each boards will not be that challenging anyway, they may be relatively soft feeling boards so might be as well soft for some but I consider thats exactly the same with something with darts, we like darts for different factors as well as we like boards for varying causes as well.

So nevertheless an incredibly excellent board but I'm not confident that will final the longest, my guess is it will likely be the Dual Core because of the two layers of sisal, but with all the standard Blade four and also the B4 Dual Core the fact the Dual Core also had the Rota Lock program created it a greater purchase in my eyes but now the standard Blade 5 has that I dont feel the difference is large adequate to warrant the extra income.

I'm not certain the Dual Core is going to final that considerably longer than the standard that is the unknown portion at present but if it does then I guess the extra £12 or so might be worth it but I feel many people is going to be greater than satisfied together with the standard Blade 5.

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