One80 Bavaria XL 24g Darts Review

One80 Bavaria XL 24g Darts Review

As with all One80 darts the Bavaria darts are handmade to a higher normal, they're 90% tungsten darts which possess a front weighted bias plus a quite good ringed and groove front grip.

Bavaria XL 24g Darts Review

The RRP is £45.99 but you can get them for significantly less if you shop about. They are available in a good fashionable package supplied using a One80 Solibox:

They may be slightly tapered and have vertical grooves within the front rings to help grip, also the gaps in-between the front rings is quite wide adding for the grip which I'd say is definitely an above medium grip but not too aggressive. The back from the barrels are a normal smooth ring grip.

These darts quite suited my throwing style despite the fact that they felt like they have been dipping a little a lot of initially but I adjusted rapidly, they had been perhaps a touch extended for me but following throwing using the medium stems inside the vid I attempted some quick stems and identified it to become considerably much better. I really just like the grip in the front, it's not too aggressive but nonetheless includes a really assured really feel, possibly since the rings are quite broadly spaced and also the vertical grooves adds that little bit of additional grip.
One particular difficulty as you can see within the vid was the shiny silver points, as I had a number of drop outs, my fault really as I must have scuffed the points a little, but if you watch the vid verify out the slow-mo dart fall outBig Grin

I usually have that identical difficulty with new shiny silver points that is one of many motives I favor black coated ones.

High quality in the darts is faultless really, the far more I see from the One80 variety the far more I'm impressed with all the top quality, the smooth transition from point to barrel is actually a huge plus point and one particular that ought to assist with close make contact with with flights.

The cost will be the only key concern with them really, but in fairness you are also receiving a Solibox which must be much better than no case at all and is undoubtedly greater than a number of the instances supplied with darts.